Monday, August 16, 2010

Its such a lie that a woman's body can adapt to a man's small penis! How can a vagina shrink to dime?

size girth? Virgin or not I don't buy it. Is a woman's vagina suppose to be able to shrink if her husbands PP is small?

My husband and I were BOTH virgins when we married 3yrs ago this July. I can't feel much of anything. Its getting frustrating and I'm not sure how long I can keep this inside. Although I suspect he knows he's little. I also feel a little resentment because I believe he knew he had a tiny thing which is why he didn't want to do it before marriage. I wanted to fool around and he wouldn't even let me touch it. He would get all freaked out on me.

Please tell me what can be done at this point? I love my husband. I just feel let down. Most days I don't even want to do it with him and I'm not getting moist down there because of this.Its such a lie that a woman's body can adapt to a man's small penis! How can a vagina shrink to dime?
this is why you test drive the car before you buy it.Its such a lie that a woman's body can adapt to a man's small penis! How can a vagina shrink to dime?
I'd think that standard intercourse may not be great for you two. Maybe other positions would help...if he is small, you need to make sure he is getting all the way in. Different angles might help. If not, they have toys and things he can put on like an oversized condom. Branch out and try some new things so you both can get a little satisfaction. He might want to look into Enzyte as well.
If it isn't large enough to stimulate your g-spot - you'll have a tough time of it...

I just read the recent Cosmo (which I don't usually buy) - the one with Lady Gaga on it and they had a whole section devoted to the g-spot and things to may want to pick one up at the news stand and check it out. Maybe there will be some tips that help you.

Good luck!
A vagina does not shrink to fit a mans penis. It is just the opposite, with use the vagina get larger.

You need to introduce some sex toys to your life, or have a frustrated marriage.
You need to lose the anger at something he can't help or change....there are ways to make it work for you.

Try a pillow under your hips, try oral before, buy a toy, try new moves, etc.
I believe there are things he could do. There might even be a surgery available for it. These days there are surgeries for anything.
look up ';kegel exercises';

Edit: Why a thumbs down? I mean really? I'm actually trying to help here. Kegel exercises work. Ask any gynecologist or any woman who has given birth.
Considering I'm shaped like a tuna can, I really don't know.
Put your vagina in the wash and then dry it on an extra long cycle. It should shrink right down.
Maybe one of your husbands friends has a larger penis.
kegal exercizes will help, so will foreplay and toys... don't be afriad to use them..
That's what happens when you store Elements Lincoln.
small PP? the size of a dime? oh no!
I wanna be married to Acquiescent! (If he's old enough) lol

J/K though.

I think you and your spouse should introduce adult toys into the bedroom. I think that will help a lot.

What are you, 9?


King of the Needledicks
My my my. His PP?
I do have to laugh and the un-intential pun (I'm not sure how long I can keep this inside lol) I'm not sure what to suggest, because I've been there and sex isn't going to be pleasurable in a traditional way, but what I'd suggest is that you try new things and see what happens. I date two guys like this. One, I was never able to climax, and I was crazy about him, so the mood was there, but he didn't ';measure up.'; The other guy had a kinky nature and sex was a lot better as a result. I hear you about the size thing, and its not your parts, its his, but try different things, positions, props, etc.
A woman's vagina can stretch to accommodate a large penis, but it can not shrink to fit a smaller one.

You're right, your husband didn't want to have sex or allow you to touch him before marriage, because he was afraid that if you knew how small he was and found it difficult to enjoy sex with him because he is so small, that you would not marry him.

You and your husband need to learn how to give each other sexual pleasure in such a way that size won't matter. Women can have an organism, without even having insertion. Get some books that can teach you both different ways to have sex.
oK I have heard this question before.....before 10am yesterday.

Madam, will you first admit that your clitoris is located on the outside of your vagina?

Next, will you admit that you do not have a clitoris on the inside of your vagina located at the bottom beside your cervix?

If you can admit to the truth you can also admit that neither length or width have a heck of a lot to do with you coming.

Teach hubby how to give you oral sex. Or, insist that you are on top so you can rub on him and have your orgasm.

As far as he being tiny. Im sorry for you but much more sorry for him. Im sure he knew his problem as well. There are more men out there with tiny penis than is known. Who wants to admit that fact?

A friend of mine who also was on our HS baseball team had the smallest one anyone has ever seen. He was constantly teased and made fun of in the showers. He was good natured and just laughed it off and also made fun of himself.

Until he got married and to a woman like you that complained but openly to his face. The marriage lasted about a year. My friend killed himself 6 months later while going through deep depression.

If women would admit the truth that their pleasure spot is on the outside not only would men stop worrying about their size but women would get more work done on that pleasure spot than ever before in history.

Can I have an Amen.
use your brain, your vagina is muscle, when closed it's probably no bigger than a pencil. it only expands as far as the object inserted into, its not a door it just doesn't open wide when somebody knocks, it requires penetration to open, and it won't open any wider than the object going into it. you could put a 2 liter bottle up in it and it will still constrict back down to the size of pencil when its taken out
Maybe if you get fat, your vagina will gain some fat inside and the hole becomes smaller?

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