Wednesday, August 18, 2010

';Involved'; with an older man, how can I end this?

There is this taxi driver, he's been giving me free rides. He is around 45, I am 16. He told me he is separating from his wife, and he has a teenage daughter..and in the taxi last night he was feeling me up and gave me a kiss. He asked me to come out with him last night to talk, but I said I couldn't, and he asked me if I will go with him for a drink Thursday.

He's a nice guy, but I am feeling a little overwhelmed and that this is getting kind of out of control. He has a family...what can I do to get out of this, without hurting him?';Involved'; with an older man, how can I end this?
never go in his taxi again.. don't talk to him ever again and don't get in contact with him ever again PERIOD.';Involved'; with an older man, how can I end this?
';Hurting'; him? This older man is using you, and wants to use you for sex. His ';feelings'; are the least of your concerns. He has a wife and a child-- they, and you, are the people who are bound to be hurt if this goes any further.

You need to cut off all contact with this man, and tell your parents what is going on, no matter how awkward that seems. If you don't stop this now, you're about to go down a very dangerous road.
Are you being serious. You have to be kidding me. You're letting a 45 year old man touch you up?

You're only 16, get a guy your own age.
just dont meet him?

he's just having mid life crisis that's why he's turning to a younger girl for sex.
You need to end it reguardless about hurting him or not. It needs to be done. And he is not a good guy. Don't kid yourself. He is a cheating Pedophile and has a family!!

would if your dad was doing this? how would you feel?

I think that you shouldn't be worried about his feelings (because hes not worried about anyone else's) and end it immediately.
don't do it. he's a creep.

youre just a child i kno u dont like to hear it, but the fact he's looking for someone that young means he's after a fantasy, like school girl or something. you deserve better dont let him use you. he's taking advantage. i know he's nice and maybe he thinks of himself as young, but you don't wanna get yourself involved with someone that much older.

what would you think if you heard a 45 year old was going out with your friend.. you wouldn't trust him would you?

think of what your dad or mum will say...

now.. if you do really like him, wait til youre 18 at least.. please?? but think about it, and get other taxis home....

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