Friday, August 20, 2010

Does feminism for men mean they have all the pressure and all the burdens of being an traditional men, with?

traditional expectations put towards them, with none of the advantages and perks men at the time had ?

When feminism was coming feminists were like, oOo but if you get unemployed your wife can support you, so less pressure for you, but guess what, if your wife works and you work and you get fired your wife gives you a couple of months, maybe a year or 2, but after that it is divorce for you and you wont get the children either having been the primary carer for the past 2 years, you will get the bill for the divorce and child support payments.

And while looking for a job so that wifey does not take your butt to the cleaners you have to compete with women who are looking for a job to fulfill themselves.

When women wanted to enter the military the feminists told men, think of how great it will be having women fighting alongside you guys, more women means less casualities because half the casualities will be female.

However it turns out that in the face of tracer fire with artillery going off all around you women make really cr@ppy fighters. However they get to be career soldiers anyway, which means any man who signs up and hopes to maybe luck out and enter somewhere in the army where he wont be used for target practice by somebody he cant even understand will only get a shot at a non combat position after all the women who signed up have been supplied their roles.

Then feminists wanted equality under the law and told men hey there will be many situations where equality will benefit you as well.

However in divorce court men do NOT get equal treatment. If he works and she stays home she gets his stuff the children and he gets the child support bill.

If she works and he stays home she gets the children keeps all her stuff, gets his stuff if he has any and he gets the child support bill and a trip to jail if he does not get a job in a hurry.

So with all the ';equality'; was there equality that worked in mens favor somehow, or is feminism just a cr@p and $hit overall for men, so that the only shot at having a life worth living for a man is to steer clear of feminism and feminist women, so that he can be the traditional husband and father to a traditional wife, with all the headaches and pressures that come with it, BUT also with all the perks benefits it offers ?Does feminism for men mean they have all the pressure and all the burdens of being an traditional men, with?
Cool story bro.Does feminism for men mean they have all the pressure and all the burdens of being an traditional men, with?
Them feminist Dykes can have eachother
well someone's got to act like an adult,
I was under the impression feminism wasn't about traditional life styles. Any way the realty is which you already know is the traditional life style has been revised to fit todays standards. The traditional systems was flawed in many ways oppressive to both men and women. Most men here on GWS think of the Leave It to Beaver show as the traditional which is far from reality. Men worked long hours with little pay and many times the family went hungry, few clothes etc.

As for divorce assets are divided between a couple if they both work, if she is a stay at home and jobless she gets alimony for 6mos to a year plus the house and the car. Most men gladly give those things up just to be done with her and the marriage. The perks you speak of don't exist and not because of feminist. Your biggest decision makers are men, he's the one okaying, laws etc...
';...All the women's jails would shut within the next decade, and could instead be converted into prisons for men...';

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So basically, you're saying you wish you had all the benefits that men did 60 years ago, such as a housewife and free rights and domain over everything. Now that we're all on an equal playing field, you feel the need to whine and ***** about all the perks men used to have, and how you get less because women now get an equal amount. Am I in the ball park?

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