Friday, August 20, 2010

How come a christian preast forgive people?

I don't understand how he could do that. Who gave him the authority to say he could do that? God? I don't know and I'm here to find out. One last little question: Does this man have a ticket to paradise or something, I mean since he can forgive people can't he forgive himself too? Thanks for answerimgHow come a christian preast forgive people?
Who are you talking about?

Jesus Christ is the only High Priest.How come a christian preast forgive people?
I forgive you for your poor spelling !!!!

What is a preast?
Christianity has been genuinely perversed over time simply to gain control over the people and prevent them from experience a direct connection with ';God'; A.K.A. ';Creator'; ';The Universe'; The Cosmic Love'; etc. This generates fear by having people living in fear, guilt, shame and hoping for a false illusion of redemption. God does not judge us to begin with. He is within us all. He is there giving us love through our being. All the energy ';chi'; ';prana'; is creative intelligence which cycles through our bodies. Reading about the 7 chakras can help. But anyway, Religion has to come to an end soon. It is the age of enlightenment. Oneness and unconditional love is the true path of God. Not separation, condemnation, etc.

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