Friday, August 20, 2010

Why do men think they can speak to women any way they want?

Okay, I was talking to my male friend on MSN and I was saying how hungry I am and he said ';me too'; so I said ';Let's eat'; as in, let's both move away from our computers to get food. He said ';Okay, spread your legs, breakfast of champions.';

I'm a lesbian and he knows this. I also never tried to flirt with him or give him the wrong idea. All I've done is treat him with respect and be his friend.

Why do men think they can speak to women of all sexual orientations in a disrespectful manner?

And what can I say to a guy the next time something like this happens?

He apologized but no, sorry isn't good enough. He should've given that nasty ';joke'; some thinking before coming at me foul like that. It made me uncomfortable. Guys need to realize that not every woman wants their p33n.Why do men think they can speak to women any way they want?
Probably because he is so used to women talking like that also.......

Nothing is out of bounds anymore....sadlyWhy do men think they can speak to women any way they want?
because men arwe awesome and womenz areonly used for the joy of shubing their cockss in ther mouth
Because they are Douche bags!!
He was just joking, calm down. Here is what you do so that you will never be the victim of a joke ever again.

1) Go to his house, if this involves a plane ticket, SO BE IT

2) Tie him up and cut off his foreskin while screaming YOU LIKE THAT HUH NOT SO FUNNY NOW

3) Hang it over the fireplace, be sure to show it off to everyone

4) If anyone else ever does it again, you do it to them too. You must do it to everyone, or else this may not work

Word will get around that they should never, ever mess with you again.
Some men carry on that sort of semi-vulgar repartee with other male peers in their work/friend environment, and occasionally women enter that peer group too, and become part of that conversational style. In a way, perhaps, you should view this as a real roundabout compliment, in that in some way you have been allowed into his subconscious peer group...? Yeah, of course I understand if you're not prepared to take it as a compliment!

I work in a very earthy environment (think loggers, longshoremen, truck drivers, etc.) but that is not my particular conversational style; I prefer to be much more polished and polite in my communications. However, in my profession I do have this type of conversation around me, and I will say that as uncouth as his comment was, I have frequently heard the few women in this business engage in far, far worse. It's like they're trying to out-do the men.

I know you're disappointed to learn that there is this side to him; but I think you should give him a break. There is an unsavory side to all of us, and we all occasionally cross the line with friends, strangers, lovers, relatives. You shouldn't tolerate someone who is spewing an uncomfortable stream of profanity or rascism or ideology at you, and that's why we get to choose our friends. But if this is an isolated incident in an otherwise good friendship, I would suggest that it's just a part of his being human, and humans do make mistakes. Try to forgive and forget, and allow him to live and learn...

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