Wednesday, August 18, 2010

How to deal with an Internet stalker?

I met an amazing friend online 6 years ago, it being a female I always felt safe, but I've had webcam chats so I know she's not some creeper and I never used my real email always a fake one, but she found my facebook I never added her but she added a friend of mine who has our town located on his page. I know she's not an old man but im always afraid she's going to tell people where I live. Me being a worry wart Iose sleep over this. I've told her to stop contacting me and I've deleted my emails, I'm waiting for a response but what If she gets mad and decides to tell people where I live? What if I get stalked, she knows my name, my town, the state and even has pictures of me too. (thanks to facebook) can someone please help me? I'm worried out of my

mind. :(How to deal with an Internet stalker?
If you're so worried about avoiding online predators, why do you have a Facebook?How to deal with an Internet stalker?
tell her to back off. tell her you are scared and you dont want to go that far in the friend ship. just stop talking to her or block her from everything. or just pretend you move or somthing/
I guess I don't really understand. Who would she tell? Besides, I have friends on FBook from all over the place so the fact that one of my friends lists the town they live in doesn't give any clue about where I live. You could always delete the friend that you have in common and block her in every way you can. What makes you think she's a stalker? After all, you say you are waiting for an answer from her, which means that she's not really hot on your trail. As inconvenient as it is, if you feel you are in danger you will have to change your email address. Otherwise, just let it go and she will likely go away.

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