Wednesday, August 18, 2010

How to get rid of larder beetles? Anyone?

I've got a definite larder beetle problem in my apartment. I've talked to the landlord, and they have sent a pest control man twice already to spray insecticide around the permiter of my apartment. After I discovered them the three time, I bought some Raid and started to go to town with spraying myself. It lasts about a week...and then they are back in full swing.

They generally come from the same area of the apartment, and I have a very clean apartment. I clean it every weekend.

Any ideas? Anybody?

Bayleaves? Moth balls? Anything?How to get rid of larder beetles? Anyone?
first to look for obvious food sources..dried dog food and treats..rawhide..even some woolens. Maybe they need a more experienced pest guy, sometimes different types of insects will wait out the winter in the walls by the thousands, many of these insects may die before spring arrives thus giving the larder a food source inside the walls or attic. The next time a service is done have them do more of a ';baseboard'; type treatment and if they are coming out from the wall they will die rather quickly where they are emerging.
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