Friday, August 20, 2010

Why is their a higher percentage of black men who leave their kids?

Im not trying to bash any race, im well aware that they are black families were both the black father and mother are present.. however it does seem like their are alot more black fathers who abandon the family then white fathers. My father is white and he left my mother to raise me and my 2 sisters so im not here to make people feel bad about a lack of father figure in their lives, i know what its like.. but it does seem like its more present in the black community? why do fathers in general (dead beats) feel that its okay to hit and quit it? to get the women pregnant and then just leave? and why do women put up with that? why is their a higher percentage of black women who are ';okay'; with having black men hit and quit it and then they go for another guy who does the same thing with them?

Im currently in a relationship and i can tell you that i will NEVER think of ever leaving my girl to raise kids alone.. i just dont see how some men can do it? For those of you who never had a father figure in your life, could you ever see yourself doing what your father did?

(Alot of questions i know but im just curious) thanks.Why is their a higher percentage of black men who leave their kids?
The black American community has a higher percentage of poverty which usually means lower quality education. They aren't taught to love themselves thus they look more love in the opposite sex but they go about the wrong way. When they engage in sexual activity at a young age they don't protect themselves and take birth control.

If a man has a child with a woman outside of marrage then they are less likely to stay around versus if they had been married.

This isn't all black men though, I think if more black women wait until they married or at least until they are in a committed relationship to engage in sex then we wouldn't have this problem. If you're going to have sex young take birth control!!! Wear a condom!!

My parents (both black) have been together married a long time and my father was obviously in my life.Why is their a higher percentage of black men who leave their kids?
If this is true, im sure it can be traced back to how white men falsely jailed and killed black men in extremely high numbers for no reason other than race. In those days, this left black mothers to raise these young black men and girls all by themselves taking on both roles. Thing like this happened only one or not even a life time ago. We still feel the effect of this racism today.
I wonder why most black women always give excuses for black men's childish behavior. It's ridiculous.

they dont think past the child birth faze of things

bad role model of the generation before who were absent they didnt teach a boy how to be a man

also this led to identity crisis because the mother had to take on the more masculine daughters grew up knowing how to be the mother and the father role (wage earner and housekeeper) the man becoming a father feels he has no place or no role so it is more acceptable for him to leave.

that is what is have heard

but i also i think it is public attitude as absent fathers is the norm but absent mothers is taboo. they cant justify leaving because there role isnt seen as important

but white families also experience this with young men leaving the mother

plus they can lways dent the baby is theres ..mum cant do that
To put it simply.

Because they start having sex early and usually the frontal lobe hasn't even developed yet.

You find out personalities don't match and go separate ways.

It's nothing personal just people making bad choices and getting involved seriously for the wrong reasons.

White boys start having sex around 20.

Black dudes usually around 14-15.

When they get older their is no problem with settling though.
I am not very close with my father, however, my step-father has always been there for me if I needed him. My bio father always promised me the world and never did anything but cause a lot of disappointment and heartache. I harbored anger in my heart for many years over this but I had to learn to let go of negative feelings and move on.

In African American culture, we have to learn how to be strong at a very early age and be a little detached, in case the world lets us down.
Because some women are stupid enough to choose to have children with losers like that.

Lets all try getting to know someone before having sex with them shall we?

I realize some women don't ';choose'; to make a baby with the deadbeat's. But they do ';choose'; to have sex with them!

If you don't wanna be left to raise a baby on your own, then don't have sex with a guy that will.
Someone just ask this question...uh...why dont you research the subject.

You father is white and left you, so why would you assume that it is black thing when you have experienced it being a white person?
There are more white deadbeat dads than black so don't even try it dude. WTF are you even talking about with the census? The census doesn't tell you who is a deadbeat dad. The census will tell you if there are 2 parents or not. Just because there is one parent doesn't mean the other is a dead beat.

And where are your facts to support this bs you are trying to get off? Oh...wait...I don't have any do you?

BTW: Here is mine

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