Wednesday, August 18, 2010

If chelsea were to win the league..............?

How many man united fans would become ex man united fansIf chelsea were to win the league..............?
It's extremely insulting to assume that because someone is of Asian decent that they don't have the capacity to be loyal. I'm not Asian but do find these innuendo's tiring and unnecessary. The game became popular in these area's much later. Perhaps some take for granted what they have in their own backyard.

Anyway..not this United fan .Ive loved United before SAF and will after.If chelsea were to win the league..............?
50-60% most of them come from asia
None of them
Oh God this again ?

Been supporting United ever since i got into football and if we fail to win it than ill still love my team no matter what!

Atleast we wont end trophyless *Cough* Arsenal
At least 10%.

Most of them from the Asia/Oceania area

I don't think there are many glory hunters in the UK or Europe, the vast majority seem to come from East Asia (South Korea in particular)
@Efil4zaggin,where were you when Man City were also rans?

Coming to your question,none of them
I believe 6,427
none of man u fan be ex that never happin
Zero... We love our team, and will support till the day we watch football and beyond..

Chelsea can get this one but we ain't gonna make it so easy.. How many Utd fans did we lose after Utd got knocked out of this year's CL QF?


Coz we know Utd's the Champions.. In our hearts!!

And yeah like someone said, we haven't been trophyless for 6 yrs.. Even if we were, we would support it.. I would!!

19th title coming our way..

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