Wednesday, August 18, 2010

How come so many women seem to have zero clue what men think is sexy?


Do women know what men find physically attractive at all? or even personality wise? ....when a girl dresses in a revealing way, then that is SEXY to us guys - we don't look at her and go ';Ewwww'; .... I live in an area with many Puerto Rican and white women - the PR women dress like hoochies while the white women dress in flip flops and a baggy T-shirts, and in the club most of the guys go after the Puerto Rican girls

or maybe these women are jealous and that's why they say they don't look good?

.How come so many women seem to have zero clue what men think is sexy?
puerto ricans dress like hoochies lol

Ummm, I dont need to dress like that to get guys lol

I'm sexy with a hoodie and shorts and flip flops

Theres no way in hel.l I could ever be jealous of a hoochie

By the way, its no fun to have a girl who everyone had, then they'll be all loose and saggy and shi.t lol, thats nasty.

I'm a virgin and waitingHow come so many women seem to have zero clue what men think is sexy?
That's one man's opinion. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Besides that's not love it's lust.
and i would want to dress sexy for you why exactly? i don't dress for any guys, i wear what i want and couldn't care less about what you think about it. so go have fun w/ your ';hoochies';
Yea, isn't it funny to be out with a girl and she sees another girl dressed provocatively and she rolls her eyes and says ';what a skank'; or something, and we go yea ';what a skank'; and we imagine what that skank would be like in the rack.

Trust me women, all healthy males at least imagine it, even if we are in love with you. It doesn't mean we would act on it.

And as for zero clue. Girls, if you have a beer gut like an old man, leave the hip huggers and belly shirts in the store. That is just gross.
Do not care what you find sexy!
Men don't even know what other men find sexy. You'd be surprised at some men that find obese women sexy. Everyone has their preference even if it seems strange.
well i always knew guys thought it was sexy when a woman dressed like a ho. I just don't feel i have to dress like a ho to get a guy's attention. I don't get jealous but i'm just like please girl, if i dressed that way all the attention would be on me! i'm too confident i guess. I have killer legs by the way but i don't show them. last time a wore a skirt a guy almost crashed. and i wasn't even wearing heels with it! i have never used heels with a skirt, imagine if i did??

This reminds me of this girl in my class. She thought she was all that wearing a skirt with heels. LOL. Meanwhile i was wearing my pants and baggy t-shirt and flip flops. I just looked at the girl and thought ';oh my if i wore an outfit like that no one would even notice you!';. Even though her legs were longer than mine because she was taller her legs were just shapeless. They were boring looking. I love being a mystery instead. I'd rather have a guy look at me and wonder how i look than give him nothing to wonder about. Where's all the fun? Ok toodles!
yea im with mira I dont dress like a hoochie either and guys still find me sexy :P
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