Friday, August 20, 2010

How do I tell this kid I don't want to kiss him anymore?

Okay, so ive known phil* for a while and i have to admit, for a while i have been attracted to him. He's kind of a man wh*re so i told myself that i wouldn't go out with him. Well i kinda might have promised to kiss him about two weeks ago.

So here's the problem..

Over sprink break(last week) i met a guy that i really like. I really feel like i shouldnt kiss this other guy anymore, as not to lead him on, but i still want to be his friend.

So how do i tell this guy that i promised to kiss that i feel like i shouldn't anymore by letting him down easily for me?How do I tell this kid I don't want to kiss him anymore?
Just say that you dont feel comfortable kissing him. You dont have to kiss someone if you dont want to even if you promised. Its your choice. If he's nice, he'll understand, if he doesnt, then you shouldnt want to stay friends with himHow do I tell this kid I don't want to kiss him anymore?
I would slow down for a few weeks to sort out your emotions. Evaluate in each individual their positives and negatives, and then make a choice. There needs to be a definitive line drawn in the sand here soon as to which guy you want to pursue a relationship with. Remember you've known ';Phil'; longer than the other guy, and it will take the same amount of time to be sure of the other guy.
Tell this phil kid that you're not going to kiss him.


Him: ';You owe me that kiss!';

You: ';I'm not going to kiss you!'; (said jokingly-sounding, but really you're not)

Say you were kidding, or didn't think he was actually serious.

Or tell him you have a boyfriend (because, it sounds like you almost do).
Tell him you didn't think he was serious and it was just a joke that you don't want to kiss him because it will ruin your friendship and you value the friendship more than some meaningless kiss.
Tell him that you just want to be friends. If he has any ounce of real respect for you he will understand.
tell him that you just wanna be friends
come out with it that's it cuz anything else you do will just make it woes

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