Friday, August 20, 2010

For people born transsexual do you want society to accept you as ';transsexuals';, or as ordinary men and women?

It seems like a catch 22 if you ask me.

On one hand, for transsexual people who have not changed I can see how not being discriminated against would be very important. At the same time, people who are changing (I assume) are trying to be seen as ordinary men and women. So by demanding rights as ';transsexuals';, isn't that causing people to look at you as the one thing you are trying to NOT be seen as?

Are there transsexual people who actually want to be seen as ';transsexuals'; even after they change? Why would someone want this? I mean, why would someone bother to change if they didn't want to be seen as regular man or woman? I don't get it???For people born transsexual do you want society to accept you as ';transsexuals';, or as ordinary men and women?
If I had been a transsexual, *I* sure would have wanted for people to just see me as my preferred gender after I had gone through transition. Wouldn't you..?

Sure, it would be fine if they ALSO knew about my past. But it would be difficult if that somehow prevented them from seeing me as ';fully male'; or ';fully female';. (Whatever it was that I had transitioned to.)

By the way: when you say they ';demand transsexual rights';, what exactly is it that you're referring to? Hate crime legislation? I think that's fine, considering they are part of a much hated minority. Unfortunately, people who have gone through a sex change tend to be harassed more frequently than the average cisgendered person. So if they're attacked for that very reason, just due to people being hateful and fearful, of course it should be punished.For people born transsexual do you want society to accept you as ';transsexuals';, or as ordinary men and women?
Exactly how a transperson identifies themselves socially, depends on the transperson. I've heard some FtMs say ';I'm not one of those transguys who says 'I was never a woman', that's bull. I was a woman, for 20 years. I wasn't happy, but I was a woman. I consider myself a transguy, not male or female, but FtM.'; I've also heard transguys say ';I'm a man. I don't think that your body parts should define whether you are a man or not. I don't have any plans on transitioning because I'm comfortable in my body. I don't need surgery or hormones to feel like a man.'; I've also heard transguys say ';In order for me to feel like a complete man, I need to have hormones an surgery. I won't feel like a complete man until I have a dick.';

Every single transperson will give you a different answer. There isn't one correct answer, because the answers are about how they view themselves, and how they feel.

Some transpeople may identify as ';transsexual';. Others may choose to be out under the label of transsexual, so they can change peoples perceptions of transpeople, whether they identify as male, female, or transsexual.

I also fail to see how pushing for legislation that means people can't deny you jobs or housing because you are transsexual, is labeling yourself as transsexual. It's demanding not to be viewed differently, but as a human with rights.
I want to be seen as an ordinary woman but that does not keep me from wanting to be protected from having people kill me because I was born with a birth defect. Wanting not to be tortured or murdered is not some ';special right'; you get it also.
I am so, so ashamed of my birth gender, so no, i don't want to be refered to as a transsexual
I am a woman.

I am a healthcare worker and work with the public in direct patient care every day. I can assure you that all my patients see is the woman that's there to help care for them.

Legal protections are needed because in this Information Age computer databases make it so that many people can discover our private medical histories. And once they know many people discriminate. The problem isn't us. The problem is ignorance on the part of society at large.

edit: The Human Right Campaign says:

Chances you are murdered in your lifetime... 1:18,000

Chances I am murdered because I'm transsexual 1:12

People discriminate, sometimes violently so.
Transsexualism is a birth condition, it is not an identity.

I am a WOMAN, I may have been born with transsexualism but I am a WOMAN.
I suppose one must accept the minor humiliation of sociological categorization in order to appropriate the freedoms and abilities of that class.

Of course, not everyone is phobically afraid of being labeled according to their history.

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