Wednesday, August 18, 2010

How can I make a complaint against a correctional facility?

I know that you can file a complaint against an officer but I have no idea how to file against a correctional facility.

I visited my man for the first time in a County Jail in Wisconsin. Another woman was visiting as well and yelled (literally yelled loudly) obscenities and derogatory things about me to my man, as well as pounded on the glass partition.

She pretty much caused a tantrum, he was obviously getting more and more hurt and offended by it, and other visitors were distracted and tried not to stare at her in disbelief.

It was a Medium 3 security visit, there was no Correctional Officer around (and it says specifically on the website that no inappropriate attire or behavior will be tolerated) and therefore no one intervened. Also, I was locked into the visiting room and wasn't allowed to leave until the visiting hour was up.

I talked to my Intro to Criminal Justice teacher, on theoretical terms, and he says it varies by jail/prisons, but that a Correctional Officer should have been present and that he sees no reason at all why I shouldn't have been able to leave the room.

I want to file a compliant against the jail. I know that you can make an anonymous complaint against a police officer and I'm assuming that I can do this anonymously as well. I want them to review the video and audiotape and make note of her behavior.

Where can I get the form?

How can I do this?

Can it be anonymous?How can I make a complaint against a correctional facility?
attorney generals office or or maybe you can find it in one of these sitesHow can I make a complaint against a correctional facility?
Go ahead and file your anonymous complaint against a building. When they finish laughing about it the complaint will end up in the trash.
Since you state it was a county correctional officer, you should probably complain to the sheriff's office that run's it.
get a goddamn lawyer
You were visiting your ';man';? Is he as dumb as you are?
There are several ways to file a complain in this matter.

Generally speaking you would write a letter to the correctional facility, perhaps addressed to the governer of the facility directly.

If it is a private facility it would progress in much the same way.

Now the thing is, someone wasn't doing there job. Which means that when you write a letter someone is going to get into trouble. Now no matter how anonymous you make your letter, chances are they will think it is you complaining and go after your ';man'; and make his life more difficult. Remember people who work as prison guards are there because they like the power and controlling other people.

So always be aware of the consequences of everything you do. Though it could result in them putting a prison guard in the room, but chances are someone watched it over CCTV and deemed the behaviour non-threatening, afterall the glass is designed to be hit and be unbreakable.

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