Friday, August 20, 2010


i have recently being seeing a guy from work but then things started to get akward cause we were trying to keep it from the boss so we ended things and said that we would stay good friends. but since then (bout a month ago) things has gotten a lot worse i find it hard to talk to him now i donno wat to say and i think he feels the same how can i start a convo with him im very shy! and some days he will talk to me and others the will ignore me to the last wat do ya think i should do im so so confused!Men????????
For ten minutes forget that you are shy. Tell him you want to clear the air once and for all.

Tell him how you feel (if only to make yourself feel better). Tell him you hold no hard feelings but if he ever wants a chat or a drink you will be there for him.

.... and remember, men are very complex! They are more likely to bottle things up that to communicate. If he remains quiet towards you, just let it be.

Good luck xMen????????
it's not nice that he doesn't acknowledge you on some occasions, i would pull him up on it and tell him to sort it out or else, he's got no right to do that it's just so rude

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