Friday, August 20, 2010

Question to dead beat fathers?

why do fathers in general (dead beats) feel that its okay to hit and quit it? to get the women pregnant and then just leave? and why do women put up with that?

Im currently in a relationship and i can tell you that i will NEVER think of ever leaving my girl to raise kids alone.. i just dont see how some men can do it? For those of you who never had a father figure in your life, could you ever see yourself doing what your father did?Question to dead beat fathers?
Some men have no sense of responsibly time to break the chain of fools.Question to dead beat fathers?
Some men hate women but they need sex.

Some men don't like being controled by a woman and find leaving the only solution.

Some men are'nt men at all, but grown up children.

I would never do such a thing to my wife.
I'm not a dead beat dad so I can only answer your question ';why do woman put up with (it)?';

They put up with it because they have to. If their child's father walks out there isn't much they can do to stop it. They need to be stronger for the kids as well because there is only one of them.

I congratulate you on being such a good dad. My dad was a bit of a dead beat so I know how important it is to have a father figure. Your kids will respect you for it.

To all the other men who can't deal with having a baby then practice safe sex rather than planting an unwanted baby.
Yes they can let me tell you why ! There selfish usually not even taught on what a man suppose to be never had an emotional connection with there mother are father in some points so why would they care if they didnt have love them selves. It depends on the person heart a good heart couldnt and wouldnt stoop so low but a guy who wants an easy life will run its about being responsible for another life when yours is already a mess just wanting to do what you want to do with no one holding them back is another reason there is so many.
SOME people, men and women both, have no conscience, no moral or ethical compass. There is NO accounting for abject stupidity and irresponsibility. I, for one, am ALL FOR prosecuting dead beats. The problem is you can't legislate stupidity. As for women putting up with it, what choice do they have? And I disagree. You said ';why do fathers in general'; and that is not the case. In general implies the majority are dead beats and that is simply NOT true. Less than 1 in 20 are skips where I live. My information is anecdotal from a friend who is a court reporter who sees divorce cases on a daily basis, including prosecutions for dead beats to garnish wages and such. So, it is NOT fair to generalize as you have done. What MAY surprise you is how many divorces also include a restraining order against one, the other or in somewhat rare cases, BOTH parties, which sometimes also includes restraining orders against whole family groups to keep them apart.
Wait till you catch her banging some other dude or maybe two and maybe you will change your mind about sticking around....
To the guy above.. if shes 'banging' other men why should that stop you providing and seeing your child?

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