Friday, August 20, 2010

Why do Italians pride themselves in wooing women ?

How come Italian men( not Americans but Europeans) are so flamboyant when it comes to chasing women ?

They are so good at writing love letters, excessive compliments and BSing woman with their ';showmance'; The romantic show they put on just to look cool in front of others.

I encountered few Italians and they all behave in similar ways with the ridiculous compliments and exaggerated sense of romantic love.

Is this cultural ? Do the behave this way to compete and outdo other men ??Why do Italians pride themselves in wooing women ?
they seduce and manipulateWhy do Italians pride themselves in wooing women ?
yes, it's cultural. moreover, i believe that once it became enshrined in movies and books and so on, and became part of the stereotype of italian men, compared to others, it became like a self-fulfilling prophecy. now they have to live up to the stereotype.
idk but it's retarded. those sexy bastards...
ahahaha yeah probably it's culture..... i don't know maybe it's just because italians care ladies more than others

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