Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Is it true that white girls are scared or don't want to date black men

me and my friend were debating about this. my friend said that white girls don't like black people. well, i told him that, how come half of my friends are white girls. i even dated a white girl two months ago. then he said, you're not concidered to be black because you're very light siknned African American. i was kind of speechless on that part.

what do you think about this, is what he saying true because i love white girls to death. lolIs it true that white girls are scared or don't want to date black men
That is totally untrue... I personally wouldn't care what race my boyfriend is.Is it true that white girls are scared or don't want to date black men
I'm not a white girl but I've never heard of that. I'm sure some girls feels that way but I don't think most care about the color of your skin, especially us nice girls :)
Ooooo...I LOVE me some black men, especially the dark skinned ones and if ur rockin the braids...oh yeah!
there is absolutly nothing wrong with this..i am a white female, and i have dated 3 black men while only dating 1 my whole life. i have better luck with the black guys anyway..they know how to treat a woman with respect:)
I dont care about race. At all. and I think its stupid when white girls do, because it only matters about a persons personality, and if someone is sweet, loving, and kind, then im not really going to think anything about the color of their skin.
depends on the girl and where u live

im black....sorta lightskinned but not really and ive dated a bunch of white and spanish girls (i say spanish 2 bcause they apparently dont like blk guys

dont worry tho 4 the most part its bs
Haha I feel you man, I definitely don't discriminate, I love all types of girls. It's all about personality man, even if someone isn't initially attracted to you, if you have that swagger, you're in!
No I don't think it's true. I've seen many white girls with black men. Love isnt about colour it's about personality and how much fun you have with the person. Hopes I helped:D -lols I like to be pale:]
No! it is not true.

Have you ever herd of Tiger Woods?

He is a famous black male and he married Elin Nordegren!

So that proves it right there.

And so you were right.

(ps:I am white but i have a lot of white and black friends too.)
that's false.your not a light skin black your a nonblack

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