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Ramadan - How could something so simple be so difficult to follow?

Salam Alaikum

I went into deep thought this morning regarding Allah SWT and his word. I wondered how could something so simple be so difficult to follow for most. When we look at what Allah SWT expects from us, its really very simple but we fail to do it. Here is just a few, but important ones by my opinion.

1) Allah SWT of course, #1, we are to love him and have no other gods before him. He is the one and only God. Shouldn't be a problem, but man makes so many material things his god. There may be different opinions on this, but I have always believed that anything placed before Allah SWT has become your god. He should first in everything. But he sometimes is placed at the bottom and only called upon when times are tough.

2) Our heart, how complicated is it for man to do good, but out hearts are far from it. This is where love dwells, if we possess the love of Allah SWT, then our hearts would be pure, our heart is what drives us and others can see whats in our hearts thru our words and actions.

3) Our words, well this kindof goes side by side with our hearts, because what is in our heart, comes out of our mouth. The tongue is a wicked little member of our body and loves to spew the poison from our hearts.

4): Our ears, oh how we love gossip. Someone wants to talk about the goodness of Allah SWT, yeah thats nice oh but whats this I hear about ?, I heard he./she had a fight with friend and so on and so forth. Yes I admit, I have been guilty of this myself, well not so much about Allah because I always love to hear about him but OH the gossip, different story. Its like the old bread and butter. which are u, Hmm I think I will ask that with my next question.

After giving this much thought, these are just 4 out of many things I have decided to improve on. and I wanted to share this with you, and hopefully you can add some things so we may live our lives more pleasing before Allah SWT.

Thanks for your answers.Ramadan - How could something so simple be so difficult to follow?
That is very nice what you wrote sister, I do not have anything to add to it. This is the muslim way, to think about these things, identify what they need to do to be better muslims and then strive to do them.Ramadan - How could something so simple be so difficult to follow?
Masha'allaah ! I think people make it harder for themselveswhen their hearts become diseased, so they end up eg, defending falsehood or hypocrites, and calling muslims hypocrites, and then trying to mock them, not knowing they are getting their good deeds for their stupidity !

So I think its desires of arrogance, ignorance, etc that are to blame wallahu-a'lam. When people don't have knowledge, they can;t really deal with things on the basis of knowledge, can they ? I think there is one person who knows who I am referring to :)

Anyway, thanks for sharing, jazaak allaahu khayran/
1) Agree, we only remember Allah when we need something or feeling bad...

2) If only all people are like that...

3) Same like number 2

4) Gossip all around us. What will I do... I shut my mouth and pretend that I listening to the gossip.
thanks for sharing this and yes you're right, Allah SWA deserves more attention and praise than anything in this world. :)
Since you seem to be open to serving God, I would encourage you to read the King James Bible. In particular, start with the New Testament and read about Jesus Christ. He is our Emmanuel, ';God with us.'; He came to earth as man, lived a perfect life, was crucified on a cross where He took the sins of the world on His shoulders, rose from the dead, and ascended into Heaven. He did all this because He loves us. He knew we can't live perfect lives because of sin, so He took the sins on Himself. Now when we accept Him in our lives, we can know peace with God. When we die we get to spend eternity with Him. God bless you!
Did you see my videos?
Walaikum As-Salaam sister.

I agree with you what you have said here.. nice topic by the way.


That's how life is sister, trust me.

God bless.

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