Monday, August 16, 2010

How can I make myself more attractive to white men?

What kind of girl do they like?

Btw I'm 3/4 south american and 1/4 black. Thanks :)How can I make myself more attractive to white men?
why not date your own race?How can I make myself more attractive to white men?
we need to see a pic

why do u limit yourself to white men?
LOL dont bother... just be yourself and some lucky guy will want you!
all men are different, any you should never change yourself for a guy, stay the way you are, guys are attracted to all different kinds of looks
Get more self esteem... Wow, what a question.

To Leann:

I think I just puked inside my mouth.
They like anything that will give up the booty
Buy mayo perfume and spray it over yourself. They'll come to you like flys to a light..
girl i would not post self-hate questions here like this...i just would not do it lol
lose all your weight And get breast implants, and this is how you should look from behind鈥?/a>
Their attraction to you depends entirely on the individual, not on you. PERSONALLY, I like nearly all shapes, sizes, and colors. This includes but isn't limited to ladies of african descent. I PREFER a girl who is clearly of Caucasian/European descent, has well defined hips, lips and is clearly feminine. But that's me, I can't speak for all men.

If you're looking for dating advice, nobody here is qualified to give it, just look around you. That's the best you can do.
alot of white men r ugly

get urself someone who looks like yung berg

or someone like vin diesel

lite skin dudes r sexxxy
They probably like the same kind of girls everyone else likes, ones that fit whatever they are attracted to. If some white guy finds you attractive good for you if that's what you want, if not who cares. Why limit yourself when their are probably tons of guys that would want to date you?
move to a country with lots of them. you will have no trouble finding a guy.

be thin and show your cleavage.

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