Friday, August 20, 2010

How are Black people treated in Thailand?

I'm a young Black man who wants to live in Thailand when I grow up. What is it like for Black people there?How are Black people treated in Thailand?
I'm so sorry but Khun Larry is right and Scottie is clueless.

Now if you have lots of money, it won't matter.

Plenty of money trumps how dark your skin is.

Contraray to Scottie's words, Thais are way more racists and classist than Americans.

I am white, and the word for me, Farang, is used to my face. They will claim they don't mean to be racisit, but I've heard it w/so much distain. It is used like ';******';.

But do make a visit and see for yourself. You may be surprised. I do know a black woman who works and it's an issue of grace for her; she has grace for them and helps them 'get past' her skin color which is a beautiful dark chocolate. She is beautiful and they also like that.

Best wishesHow are Black people treated in Thailand?
It's not so much about racism as it is purely about skin color. Thais consider dark skin unattractive and dark skinned people as lower class. Thai people who are dark are generally looked down upon, even by other dark skinned Thais.

You will generally be treated politely by Thais but the smile is just a facade. In their minds they will look down on you and not have much respect for you. That can manifest in their behaviors although it usually won't be very overt.
Thai people are not as light skin as Chinese. Chinese are lighter skin that's why Thai people like to marry Chinese woman. There are also northern people and they have lighter skin. We just like to have light skin so we do not like the sun so much. Thai woman wants to have light skin colour. It a big question really but if you are happy with your skin colour it doesn't matter really. Look on the bright side of it don't be let down, there is a saying, ';dark tall and handsome';. I am not dark my skin colour is light brown but since I was a kid a lot of people tell me that light skin colour is I guess I am one of them who like to be light skin.
I don't think it's skin colour or any racism problem here. Thai people just like to have lighter skin themselves. We like Tiger Wood, Will Smith and etc. regardless skin colour. Be happy : )
They are treated like the white ones, with respect and dignity, if they behave themselves in accordance with the Thai Law and traditions!
There's no worry if you black your heart must be white (Good) if you ya...Ya... that no good for your lives good luck ......
In Thailand the liter the skin the higher class ... black being lowest

try another country
No different to any other human being - treat people with respect in Thailand and you will never have a problem.

Thai's are the least racist people I have ever meet and are very friendly people who welcome farang.

I have a second home there and will move there for good next year - Love The People, The Culture, the food and stunning scenery - Thailand is Paradise on earth
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