Friday, August 20, 2010

Why do people, esp str8 men, have a huge problem with good looking, well off, and successful gay men?

Not that I'm completely gay, but I'm labelling myself that because I'm sure I fall under that category, being that I'm into fashion/entertainment, and all of that; I dress well, look good, and am considered a liberal I'm sure by society's standards too.

I'm successful, well-off, smart, have lots of friends and am happy most of the time, good looking, and can be authoritative, demanding, and outspoken (don't take anyone's garbage); I just really have my head on straight and I'm doing well in life,

and that pisses people off to NO end, especially other straight types of men. They look at me, see the nice clothes, nice car, successful job/life, etc, and then look at me like ';how the f did HEEEE, that F9g do THAT,'s not fairrrr its not fairrr, im better than himmm, i deserve it,'; and that type of stuff.

lol. Are men really THAT competitive and insecure and crazy that they think just because they happen to like breasts and pu88y, that they're somehow ENTITLED to a good life?


What exactly makes gay men so inferior to straight men anyways?

I'm a superior, and well-off gay man, and I guess they expect all gay men to be..lowly or something and pathetic.

Heck, we even have gay men in politics/government, etc.

WHy are many straight guys like this?

You know it's how it is. It's so true.

But, why? It's stupid..Why do people, esp str8 men, have a huge problem with good looking, well off, and successful gay men?
I don't feel that way at all, and I am a str8 man. Many significant cultural, scientific, and political events have been formed by gay men. Many of your best decorators, clothes designers, chefs, artists, musicians, etc. are well known gays. My own view when I see a gay man with lots of money is, ';good for him.'; However, sometimes I can't help but have some mistrust as to how it was acquired. Kinda like feeling that the guy is a clothes designer who has his own line of clothing(which is good) but for the hint of ';Look at how this guy is dressed, I wouldn't be caught dead in that outfit.';Why do people, esp str8 men, have a huge problem with good looking, well off, and successful gay men?
I doubt people's problem is that you're gay.

It's probably because you're so far up your own ar*e and you're a complete narcissist.

Why are you so arrogant to think that EVERY straight person thinks that about you? If people are the jealous type then they're jealous of others no matter what sexuality they are.
Most don't really care, some are paranoid you're going to jump them in the shower because, well, they're just that stupid. But you, I'm going to guess their problem with you is your ego.

Most people aren't going to be kind to someone who calls them a barbaric idiot.
I honestly don't think it has anything to do with straight or gay it has to do with you being well off, successful, and having nice things - I would sum it up as pure jealousy.
!. The definition of ';gay'; is one who prefer sex with their own gender, hence ';gay marriage'; ';gay sex'; etc.

2. Maybe in your case it's EGO.
they're just jealous honey
OMG!!..what a rant?...If your attitude is like that in real life, then man you suck....ewww!!..
I dunno i'm straight and most of the other straight guys i know don't have a problem with gay guys... Its just kind of annoying when they talk about their clothes and stuff and this gay cheerleader like always dances. Like if i see a gay dude walking down the street i dont really care that he's gay. Maybe cause they think you'll like try to rape them? Or cause usually chicks always say ';How come all the hot guys are gay'; and its usually cause you guys like care about how you look .
WHOA! someone had to vent ... Relax bro .. i know it pisses you off , is it directed towards you? Why should it take away all that you have worked for? if anything it should make you feel better because you have what they ultimately want, career wise bro lol cochinos lol ...

yes im a latino guy mexican to be specific, im not a rich guy but im not poor either. I hold my own and i admire the fact that you had the F u c K e N balls to do what you had to do to get to where you are. Admirable the fact that you consider yourself a gay man has nothing to do [ in my book ] with success and how to get it.

Personally if its not directed towards me brush it off and keep going. As long as they dont take my position at my workplace its all good lol
well straight women usually have issues with gay men too lol well not usually, but sometimes. It's hard for us to relate to being gay!! no, really, I'm not being mean, I'm just saying, it is. =] lol there's nothing wrong with looking good. Haha it was really funny, today we were teasing one of the seniors in AP English, because we all had to write Odes %26amp; his was to his ';man purse'; (aka murse!) that he uses like a bookbag. We all love teasing him about it ;) but he's not gay or anything; we just do it in good fun anyway. and it's not that gay men are ';inferior';, but people do tend to stereotype gays as something else. lol. I'm probably guilty of it too =/ I don't mean to be offensive though. But guys are oftentimes more outspoken about ill thoughts toward others than females; not always, but sometimes. And it's hard to talk to gays sometimes, cuz it's hard to relate in some situations. But then again, sometimes they can relate in ways you don't if you're talking to a gay guy (this is from a girls' perspective obviously lol) %26amp; you're like ';oooh, that guy's FIIIINE!!!!'; and then the guy says, ';yeah, he is!!'; it'd be kinda I'm just offense, but I'd think it'd be awkward!
You couldn't be farther away from the truth bro. Us ';straight'; guys couldn't really give a sh*t what gay, lesbian, straight people do. First get over yourself and stop worrying about what other people think about ';gay people.'; Cause in most cases anyone mature or basically anyone over the age of 18 do not care about YOU or gay people and what they have. Gay or not people have what they want cause they work for it. Get a clue bro.
First off define successful? You write and think like a child. As for your question, first define yourself are you gay or not. Are you proud or not?? As for you even asking this question it truly defines how egotistical you are. So it is not that you dress well or are successful but you are so arrogant that people are irked by your demeanor. So take a step back Jack and remember who you are and where you came from.
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