Friday, August 20, 2010

How to ask a female to stop complaining so much?

How can I get my best friend, Im a man and she is a woman, to stop complaining about everything? Just about every text I get is negative and its bringing me down. I love her to death but I cant take it anymore. Women get offended with just about anything and I dont want to do that to her. How can I ask her to start bein more positive. I cant take it anymore. When i say she complains about everything, I mean EVERYTHING lol.How to ask a female to stop complaining so much?
Be straight, ask her why is she so negative about everything. Tell her how sometimes she is bringing you down and you don't want to lose her and that u ';know how she feels';.How to ask a female to stop complaining so much?
Sometimes, you have to do these kinds of things for the ones you love, no matter how much it hurts them. It will be worth it in the end, I've learned from personal experience. Just talk to her about it. Say something like this-

';Hey, _______, I just want to say something real quick. I mean, I don't want to hurt you, but I'm sick of this- all you ever do is complain when you text me- I really hate it. I've tried to ignore it but can't. I'm sorry if I hurt you but it's the truth.';
Buy her a house!

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