Friday, August 20, 2010

How was australian rules football created?

It looks like a wussy sport compared to american football where real men compete.How was australian rules football created?
Wussy? Um NO!How was australian rules football created?
Born out of Irish Gaelic Football. Not as good as Rugby League and played by Victorians
it was created so wnkers like you could compete at soccer
Australian Rules football was created probably from 4 main sources:

1. It could have come from Ireland, and Irish schoolchildren who had been transported

2. It could have come from English Great Public School games like rugby football

3. It could have been inspired by traditional indigenous aboriginal games like Marn Grook

4. It could be all of the above and then some.

As for it being wussy, in American football, the average player runs a little over 3 miles in 60 minutes of actual game play. In Australian Rules, players can run up to 14 miles in matches which can last anywhere from 100 minutes to 129 minutes of actual game time.

If American footballers are so tough, then why do they need all that padding? Jason Dunstall played most of the 1990 season with a fractured skull.

Get that up ya. How many American Footballers play on with a broken skull eh? Wuss bags.
wussy actually sounds like the type of bloke who would wear a helmet
I don't see any of those toughboys coming here and cutting it in our sport. But the other way round.....
It was instigated by Scottish %26amp; Irish migrants.

It was always a bit too rough %26amp; tough for the Australian born populace of men at the time. It has taken several generations for home born Australians to adapt to the game - this has been brought about by the softening of the rules %26amp; having the rough %26amp; tumble taken out.
Guys you just have to ignore idiots like this. All he's trying to do is to get you going. As an American who has lived in Australia, I love Footy and I love American Football. To compare the two sports is totally useless, they are too totally different games from each other. I sit up in the middle of the nights on weekends watching the AFL and being a Richmond fan for over 30 years it's tough staying up at 4.30am and watching your team get beat by 60+ points every week. The tackling in American football is different from footy because they lead with their heads where as in Footy they tackle with the shoulders and the chest. The reason for the helmets is because back in the 30's football was going to be outlawed due to all the deaths that occurred. Footy is a rough sport, American football is a violent sport. Both games are great to watch and should be enjoyed. The only problem we have in Footy and we should able to admit this as Footy fans is, due to the high amount of scoring there is an over abundance of blowout games, the average score so this year is 107.7 to 71.4 a 36 point difference. So just ignore the ignorance of people who have to put down another sport to help themselves feel better about their game. And pray for my Tigers to win at least ONE game this year, I have secumbed to the point the we have won the wooden spoon after week five, so light a candle for me the next time you are in church.

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