Wednesday, August 18, 2010

How do I get a guy to open up to me and not be shy because of my looks?

One of my guy friends told me that most men may not take me serious because I am attractive and that most guys would consider me out of their league. He also told me that if I want a guy to take me serious that I also have to take them serious when a guy just happens to be interested in dating and going out with me. My problem is that he last boyfriend I had only wanted to have sex and once he realized that I would not sleep with him he broke up with me. We were together for over a week and he was only with me for sex, I refused him every time he asked. So finally he just broke up with me. I was not sad or anything but how am I suppose to take someone like that serious? If a guy is interested in actually having a relationship with me why don't they just ask me out?How do I get a guy to open up to me and not be shy because of my looks?
Why not ask him out? Especially if he is shy, he wont see you as ';aggressive';, or ';slut';. He will be thinking, ';Thank God she asked'; and You will lift his self-esteem a little, and he will be to scared to pressure you for sex cause he might lose you. You would also filter though most of the guys that just want to ';hit it and quit it';, and you will help achieve goal the overall goal of ';feminism';How do I get a guy to open up to me and not be shy because of my looks?
A guy will take you seriously but you have to carry yourself with respect and show that you are not just a sex object but the first thing on every guys mind is getting laid. But dont be completely shut off but keep there minds wondering intrege them with your personality. Don't show too much skin. and don't go out with perverts or assholes. Go out with someone that compliments you for your personality and not your body.
Gain weight. Get ugly.
Maybe they don't like you because you are beyond cocky. Doubt Bella is your real name.
Do something where looks are not the focus. No one is good looking toward the end of a three day camping trip, and beautiful people get just as dusty riding horses as funny looking people. Finals week at college is the great equalizer when it comes to looks. If you are so attractive that work and worry and sun and horseshit cannot cut the glare, you might consider becoming a clown or mime.
Make eye contact, smile, toss your know, all the woman stuff you women do to let a man know you are interested.

If he's not a moron he'll understand he signals, and if he's not a wuss he'll act on them.
most attractrive women don't have any substance besides their looks.

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