Friday, August 20, 2010


I met this guy at a friends club a few weeks ago. we r both seemed2hit it off. I gave him my number an the next day he text mesaying 'this is my number how ru' txt each other through out the week i invited him out an he said he had a drivin test in the morning an he'd txt me2meet anuva time.Couple days later his best mate invited me out with them.So we all went 4a couple of drinks i ended up back at his house, we slept in the same bed had a kiss but no sex. Ive hurd from a of mine mate that the person i like an his best mate quote 'fancie every one' are sluts basicaly. But they r only human. Bit put off by that i think.Not sure. But any way we been texting each other again.I want to see him again but as last time i invited him out he basicaly said no i don't no if i should risk him sayin no again as will look a bit silly or just wait an see if i hear from him. I men if i text him he texts back so its not lik he dont wan2 talk to me but i can't seem 2 pin him down to meet up.Men?????????????
give it up, no good can come of this...Men?????????????
If you get into bed with a man (that you barely know) after the first date, then you are assuredly a slut.

Either do him, or move along and give another slut a chance!
if uve asked him several times 2 go out but ur not getting anywhere then ur not going 2 get anywhere with him .it sounds 2 me that he's just not wanting a dating situation
well your young and he sounds younger in the head ...move on and find someone who will enjoy your company..

and by the way txt is not romantic

if you like to talk
tell him you want to bang him, he'll show up!! when he does show up bang him in the *** with a 2foot dildo. it's the only way, trust me!!
where did u learn english?
';Ding, Ding, Ding, I'm sorry but the question you tried to ask is no longer in service. If you feel you reached this message in error, Please ask the question in simple, understandable English and try asking it again.';
Well if he 'fancies sluts' I wouldnt take the risk (Im a guy but saying if i was a girl lol) but he was sweet to kiss you i guess if he really 'fancied sluts' to a huge point, he would prolly take advantage of you drinking and you being in his bed. So thats a good thing in him. If your afraid of him saying no again, just try. Go for it. Your both 20, so your young as hell, and have a whole life to go through still. If he denies you again, just be like in your head you know what f*ck this guy he's not worth it if he has to keep saying no, ill move on and find somebody else. And if your mad cause he says no, then go clubbin. You seem like you like doing that so just do some crap that gets your mind off him and have fun. Peace.
oh yes sure sure hes not a player by the way i have a double bed but im single do you want to balance it out iknow iknow were pigs oink oink
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