Friday, August 20, 2010

Why should the oppress women(and men) in past affect the clueless men(and women) in the present?

are men in the present suppose to get punishment for what men have done in the past?

how would war crimes? should germans italians and japanese do anything?Why should the oppress women(and men) in past affect the clueless men(and women) in the present?
The son should not be punished for the sin of his father, it's somewhere in the Bible.Why should the oppress women(and men) in past affect the clueless men(and women) in the present?
It shouldn't we as humans should look to our convictions and our lifes rather than wallow in misery.

Hisotry is brilliant, but thinking it should control now is naive.
I know. Considering that half of your ancestors were female, that should make you (and every other male) the victims of past female oppression also.

And considering the fact that every woman alive has male ancestors, then that would make her responsible for the oppression caused by her male ancestors -- especially since she benefited from the monetary support that her father gave her as the result of his oppression of others.
the son punished for the sins of the father. translation ...there are consequences that will affect your family for generations.

The consequences are natural consequences. example..father goes to prison for will suffer social problems that affect the quality of life negatively. ( not everyone is kind, understanding and non judgmental, even though we know that's what is right.)

They may have to relocate, costing money, job, and support of family or friends, the live in dread of being found out...

next generation grows up with fear, shame, sorrow, maybe poverty, this effects their life as well...and so on... you get the idea.
I agree I don't think you can judge past generations simply because you'll be talking out of your ****.
aside from learning from the mistakes of the past so as not to repeat them, no other reason.

but my guess is it actually goes so as to continue repeating them forever.

makes for a more controllable race that way.
They shouldn't but we should realise how many of these attitudes have got into our language which is the only way we can think and they still affect people today because we simply accept things as normal which should be challenged and rejected - racial stereotypes, gender values etc etc.We don't know we do it! It means women and black, Asian, gay etc people can be disadvantaged at work and in other ways - you are much more likely to be diagnosed as mentally ill if you are black, Irish or female, you are more likely to be seen as threatening if you are black, seen as unreliable as an employee if female.

If we are not aware of this we perpetuate it. I was ashamed to find I felt nervous when walking home from the station late at night and a young black bloke was the only person to get off the train with me. There was nothing in his behaviour to make me feel like that and I'm sure I wouldn't have been nervous if he was white. Of course, he was no threat at all. I was really surprised as well as ashamed because I had no idea that prejudice was inside me. Now I do know I can tackle it and get rid of it.

the only reason history should be remembered is to learn from our mistakes and make the world a better place for you and for me and the entire human race....Michel jackson much!!:P

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