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How are rational women viewed in society?

Scientifically, women are more emotional (and less rational) than men. However, there are some women who tend to have greater rational thought processes and behavior. How are these types of women viewed in society?How are rational women viewed in society?
beneficialHow are rational women viewed in society?
The foundation of your rationale is based on a fallacy. Therefore your question is irrational. irrational questions when asked in greater numbers may be coming from an irrational person.
As a minority among women
Through the metaphorical equivalent of the Hubble Telescope, and under the microscope at the same time. The first because they are so rare that they are considered way out - the second because they are considered suspect by both genders, due to the predisposition of both to view women as 'intuitive' rather than rational.

The truth, of course, is that there are all kinds in the world, so a rational woman in fairly common - just buried under the increasing mulch layers of decaying feminism that are being left piled around.
anti feminist.
It's not true that women are scientifically more emotional--this is a common misbelief. In fact, physically, sex isn't dual-natured, it's more like a spectrum. In men and women, genes controlling the amount of sex hormones they produce and the amount of receptors their cells have for these sex hormones vary so dramatically from person to person that you end up with a ton of quite ';masculine'; women and quite ';feminine'; men out there. Just because you're XY doesn't mean you'll produce significantly more testosterone than someone who is XX (usually it just means you'll have more receptors for it).
Yes there is a very small minority that are rational and logical, my guess is that they also tend to be some of the most intelligent women as well, but these two things aren't necessarily tied inextricably to one another.

I guess they might be seen as cold and calculating, and perhaps as slightly masculine or as b*tches.

@the person above: What? Men produce way more testosterone than women. You better study a lot harder! I think you are going to She-male University if you think it is normal for women to have more testosterone than men.

';Different labs have varying ranges of what they consider normal with values ranging from the low 200s to over 1200 ng./dl. considered normal for men and from 15 to 70 ng./dl. considered normal for women.';
As an oddity.

The kind of woman who speaks nonsenses such as ';I find the female body aesthetically more pleasant but I'm straight';, ';I'm straight but I prefer to look at naked women'; or ';even when I'm straight, I don't find men a turn on'; is highly prevalent.
Women are more emotionally EXPRESSIVE, not more emotional, than men. I doubt that women are less rational than men, although certainly, as they express emotion as well as expressing rational thought, their communications are not always to be understood as rational accessments.

Still and all, I can't imagine that a female John Nash would be viewed with as much compassion as the version of John Nash in A Beautiful Mind. (Nash was a mathematician with suppressed emotions because of mental illness. His Nobel winning contribution to economics was game theory, a model of rational human behavior that underestimates the role of human emotion in decision making and strategizing)
Science can be disproved the only thing that cant be proved or disproved is God's existence but God is real and when people speak against that in my eyes it's blasphemy to God. God's existence however can be proved with belief. Look at the people you love, how you love them. How intense it can be, to the point that one would lay down their life for that person. Are you going to tell me that it's the chemicals or composition of our brains or brain patterns that makes that happen? It's obvious to me there's something greater than myself out there and that's God. Just wanted to get that out of the way.

Speaking only for myself, I've met a lot of rational and irrational women and I find that rational women are more my type.
As Humanism was evolving during the Middle Ages, so were the women of the elite. In the past, women were expected to assume their roles as mothers, daughters, and wives. During the 14th and 15th centuries, however, a secular movement was allowing some of the privileged women to learn reading and philosophy of the Christian texts. Women like Margaret Cavendish, Maria Merian, and Maria Winkelmann were over shadowed by their husbands, however this didn鈥檛 stop them from being noticed and even scorned for being independent thinkers.

During the Enlightenment, women were looked upon as prone to vice, insatiable, and easily swayed. Their opinions meant little and their place was in the home. However, in the wake of the Enlightenment, women were starting to overcome the previous idea that they were a liability and not a voice of reason. Women debaters started to argue that women can use rational thought and can also grow with education. However, little had changed, and men used science to find ways to disprove the theories that women had a place in society. Men were even able to take over the role of midwives; however the midwives were still able to practice with the lower classes, as professionals were not needed to serve these individuals.

A girl becomes a woman, a woman becomes a wife, a woman becomes a mother, a woman becomes a grandmother, a woman becomes a relative.

So, woman are still equals to men because without them they can not reproduce.

Women are equal to men that is one of the basics of human rights. What does this mean? Was there a time when men and women were not equal and what is it to be a woman. Women are viewed as girls, mothers, wives, grandmothers, relatives and friends.

When a girl is born her room is often painted in pink and her cloths are the same colour. Pink is the light colour of red, the color of blood. This is because women have to reproduce and make children. Red has been a controversial colour during the Communist era because it was the emblem. Women are mothers. They bear there babies in their womb for no more than nine months. A woman can have multiple births and they get help from the Government when it happens to them.

Wives become wives by going to the Mayor and or Church to have their wedding registered. The wives have many things to do in order to have a descent wedding. This means that most of the time they have to inform to others about their wedding, receive gifts and say thank you in return. A wedding list is difficult to make. That is why there is now wedding consultants. They often work in malls. In case of weddings, there is often the question of bread winner. In most societies the man and the woman don鈥檛 work and this is hard to understand because unless you are a well known lawyer how can your wife stay at home.

Some economists have thought about this. There are some economist which are against divorce, others that favour divorce and others that favor no marriage. Grandmothers are the guardian of traditions and often they keep the grandchildren while their parents are away. A woman is also a relative and a friend and this is the hardest part. As a relative a woman is judged by how she behaves and gives advice. And as a friend a woman is a confident who is ready to alleviate sufferings by showing her love. The Beijing Summit organized by the United Nations is an example on how women have attracted the attention of the world on their situation.

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