Friday, August 20, 2010

What is wrong with me, and how can I tell my parents I want to see a psychologist/counselor?

Okay, so I've been feeling sad, worthless, and guilty since the sixth grade. I'm in eighth now. A few times a week I'll feel like life isn't worth living for, that I should just die. I think everyone would be better off if I were dead. But I'm not suicidal. I also cut myself, but the most I've ever done it is three times in two(or was it one?) weeks. So, that's not that bad, I'm fine with that. I also lose track of time a lot, I forget what I'm supposed to do, and I always keep my emotions inside. I haven't cried in a long time. My bearded dragon died two days ago, I did love her. But when I felt that my emotions were getting out of hand, I pushed my emotions aside, took a deep breath, and just felt...empty. I buried her and got back onto the computer.

My parents are odd. My mom loves us, but she babies us too much. She freaks out whenever I even climb a tree, ffs. She will constantly keep barging into my room and telling me what I need to do, she'll repeat something over and over again. She's also a hypocrite. She tells us that we can get up and do something, as she's been working all day. But you know what she really does? She goes over to her mom's house and stuffs her face with her mum's food. That's her idea of working. For her. Man, I hate her.

My dad is all right. He loves us, takes care of us, and isn't annoying. He does his best to cheer us up whenever he can see that we feel down.

Usually I put on a happy face or act like I'm very tired and antisocial. Well, I am antisocial. I was quite surprised when I realized that I was actually a pretty good actress.

Okay, enough of rambling. Do I need help? And if I do, how can I tell my parents that I want to see a psychologist or a counselor? I don't want to see their faces when the counselor tells them that I self mutilate myself. It won't matter to them that I only do it about once every week or two. How can I tell them that I want to see a counselor without them telling me to go read the bible and pray? Help! I don't even know who I am anymore, I don't know who I am.

Another idea. Going to the school counselor, talking it over with her? I don't want to be Baker Acted because I harm myself. I don't even harm myself a lot! Just once or twice every two weeks. And I only cut enough so that blood runs down my arm. One cut each time. Usually.What is wrong with me, and how can I tell my parents I want to see a psychologist/counselor?
I'm going to have to start off by saying that you're not alone in feeling this way. I've been in the same boat before when I was your age, engaged in the same sorts of behaviors, and I know how much it sucks. I think that you're brave enough to admit that you want to talk to someone about what is going on, and that's something that takes a lot so I commend you for it.

In terms of family issues. No family is perfect and, for better or for worse, they're the only family that we have. The important thing is that it seems as though both parents love you and both parents care for you.

I understand why you might not want to tell a counselor about the cutting or the thoughts of suicide. I mean, if anyone else heard that...they might assume that you wanted to commit suicide, right? You and I, and anyone else that has been in the same situation, know that that is not the case.

To tell your parents that you want to see a psychologist can be rough. However, you need to be firm in your belief that you want to go and you think you need to go. You don't necessarily have to tell your parents the specifics as to why you want to go...and your psychologist most likely won't tell your parents everything. I would plan out what you want to say and how you want to say it so it seems as though you have given it thought and it's not some random thing you want to do.

And if the psychologist thing for some reason or another does not work are some things that helped me. Talk to a friend or write down your emotions in a journal. It is so much better to let them out than to keep them inside, trust me. Also, the way that I stopped cutting is that whenever I felt the urge to do it, I would go into my closet and use whatever it was that I would use to cut myself and scratch the wall with it. It still got some of the emotions out, without actually doing harm to myself.

Again, you're not alone in this and you're very brave to come out and say that you might need help. Talk to your parents about the psychologist, see what they say.What is wrong with me, and how can I tell my parents I want to see a psychologist/counselor?
If you are feeling this way, you really should talk to someone.

i know it may feel hard/awkward at first but youre not the only one who feels this way and you should get help. i remember middle school was the hardedest time for me, i felt the way you did, i personally found help through god but dont go there searching for answers beacuse you wont always get them. dont think something is ';wrong'; with you, something is ';wrong'; with everyone. you know, at some point everyone will suffer some type of mental disorder? its because there are so many chemicals in our brains, sometime or another they are going to react in a weird way. part of your problem is probably due to hormones...they are a *****. you seem to have a nice life, try and appreciate it. please dont cut yourself, you will regret the scars later. i used to scratch myself, i didnt even realize it, and thought nothing of it till i had scars all over my arms and i found out that was a type of self harm, thats when i started to hate anyone who said people cut for attention, you really cant help it. you should get help, no one will think your bad or stupid, just talk to anyone you can trust.
what you are going through is surprisingly more normal than you think. I went through extreme depression when I was 15. I was very overweight and had acne. I was not popular. My family life at home was awful. I was suicidal. I actually did not end up going to counselor until later on in my late teens and early twenties and by then I was more stable. I lost the weight. I finally was able to leave high school. The counselor I went to was great but she always expected me to find ways to work on and fix my problems rather than sitting there and complaining. She said ok, so you are not happy- what are you going to do about it? are you going to join some clubs? take some classes? go to college? my point is- I know it is hard right now but you can make changes in your life. Sometimes it takes effort but you can have the life that you want. Don't think you can't. You can. My parents are clueless. They are not much of a help but sometimes that is life. Join some clubs or take art classes, start making the life you want. You can do it.
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  • Survey: Did you know that in the first Iron Man movie they were actually setting up for the sequel?

    I asked this in movies as well. But right after the credits, Samuel L. Jackson appears and Tony Stark is like who the hell are you? And they have a small conversation on how Iron Man isn't the only superhero in the world. I recently watched the first Iron Man and skipped to the end for the credits because I was looking for a little clip at the end. Movies do that sometimes and Pixar did it some of their films as well.Survey: Did you know that in the first Iron Man movie they were actually setting up for the sequel?
    Yes I did.Survey: Did you know that in the first Iron Man movie they were actually setting up for the sequel?
    Yeah, like Monster inc, what the hell ever happened to monsters incorporated two? HUH!?!?
    I did not know that. I watched it once and only once.

    How do you know that you've found your Juliet?

    All the world to stage, and all the men and women merely players where as we are the main characters, but how do you know you've found your match?How do you know that you've found your Juliet?
    when u have eaten the life regretting forbidden food

    i mean the wedding cakeHow do you know that you've found your Juliet?
    When your heart tells you 'shes the one' rather then your mind
    I think there has to be thousands of Romeos I could have let into my life, but I've chosen this one - I wouldn't have it any other way.
    You know when they accept you unconditionally and you accept them back with that same feeling, you learn each other's habits, trains of thought, ideas and wants until you feel like there is no one better suited to be with you, you know they are the one because even if you found someone like them, you still want them. Shakespeare believed that true love was endless and unshakable, I tend to be a bit of a romanticist myself, I agree with Shakespeare on that. It's just that true love is rare and hard to find nowadays.
    when she calls me ROMEO and feeds me lots of oysters and Champagne and bathes with me

    in lavender scented goats milk
    When she puts up with you being you.

    Like the real you.

    The lazy, sloathy you, that no one apart from you ever really gets to see.

    If she seems happy after witnessing that, and you like her in the same respect, you've got a keeper.

    If I Put Miracle Grow (for plants) On My Penis...... would any of you girls care to give me your number?

    will it grow the size of a cactus? still would it grow spikes and branches grow from it?, i could fight crimes. they shall call me DICK MAN thus stopping criminals with my MEGA strong sperm that could stick them to the walls? how does this sound?

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    hmm, maybe i shall get myself a side kick... his name shall be BIG BALL BAG BOY?If I Put Miracle Grow (for plants) On My Penis...... would any of you girls care to give me your number?
    its not DICK MAN....its THE DICK MAN...

    Are all men just self absorbed?

    I have only been with one man for close to a decade. He is just so self involved. I mean, he is unable to work right now and that is fine. I am working around 60 hours a week. I come home and have found myself having to clean because he just wants to play video games. We recently moved and I have been the one unpacking and cleaning. He, at one point knew there was something wrong and would ask but I didn't want to talk about it because he will get defensive and we would have fought. So kept my mouth shut, I don't nag(he actually nags)He was so self absorbed he acted like he didn't know what was stressing me out was that he wasn't doing crap and I was, on top of working 60 hours. He then asked me to do something else around the house and I blew up at him. I had had it. I feel like he will just walk on me and I have to be careful not to let him.

    I later heard him giving relationship advice to another guy. He told him that if your girlfriend has a problem just ignore it, she will eventually ***** and it will be over(he called it ';pimp logic';). He has no idea I heard this. Is he so self absorbed that he really didn't know what was bothering me, or was he just trying to see how far he could push me?

    I also told him to go ahead and take time off when he got laid off. I had been laid off myself for about a year and the house was always clean and dinner always cooked and he was only working 40 hours a week. So I am not bothering him about finding a job and he is enjoying his time off.

    Stuff has just built up and I am thinking about leaving. It has not been perfect, of course. But are all men this way? We have been together 9 years this July. He has been mentioning wanting to have a kid in the next few years-but right now I cannot even imagine one with him. I turned 29 today and I cannot believe how unhappy I have become with him. I do not want to start the next decade of my life feeling like I do today.

    Is my determination not to be the ';nagging wife'; biting me in the butt? Are most men this way? Do you think I am being walked on or is he just self absorbed and clueless?Are all men just self absorbed?
    In the defense of good men everywhere, I am appalled that you would imply that all men are as cruel as the one you have given 9 years of your life to. In your defense, you were so very young when you limited your life to just him, you didn't have the life experience to know better.

    Please don't subject yourself to this man's meanness any longer. And, whatever you do, don't bring innocent children into the situation.Are all men just self absorbed?
    Q: Are all women just self-absorbed? A: Of course not.
    Leave this fool! And don't look back!
    Sorry about your Life .. and yea Sorry i am not the one like him
    my man works full time, is a sole provider, and plus he does all the ';men's'; job - fixing stuff, building stuff, resolving problems. when some idiotic beatch hit my car on a parking place he was the one arranging everything to be fixed and talking to insurance companies about MY car. i on the other hand make all ';women's'; jobs - cooking, cleaning and blah. but i told him if i ever get a job (which i want very much but can't find) he either divides everything with me or gets a maid. so maybe, if u do not like your man, maybe u search for smth better. u have better chances at 29 and with no children than at 49 with lots of children. i say while u re young - as soon as u do not like smth - dump the loser. besides, u re the one who is working, how do u even let him treat u like this? he should stand and bark at command. also he should fetch and play dead on command too. jeesh, woman, people will treat u the way u let them treat u
    I'm so sorry that your going through this and lots of women have been here but this is an unfair question, I understand you feel upset and this particle man may deserve this question but there not all bad just some of them. I wish you luck and I hope that you move on from this person. Good luck love yourself and you will find someone amazing to love you back with lots of perks.
    my boyfriends not, granted we've been together for a year. he does his own laundry, pays his own bills, works at least 50 hours a week, and treats me well. he even put a table on the other side of his bed for my stuff. He does get a little involved playing video games on his xbox live, sometimes a little to much. but he stops when he knows i want on the internet. all in all he's a really great guy and i got really really lucky!
    Someone once told me that all men are selfish and only want sex. They will only be nice and love you and give to you if you make them.... How to make them do that, I have no idea. It sounds like your man has gotten some terrible advice on relationships. You need to talk to him about things. If he calls you a nag, it's because he doesn't want to deal with it. He just wants what he wants. He doesn't want to please you. Calling a woman a nag is a man's easy way out. You can't just NOT talk about things, because then nothing will change, he will only get worse because you're letting him. Don't let him run you over. Tell him what's on your mind, but don't lose your temper. Say something like, ';Look, Babe, I love you. But I need you to help me around the house. It's only fair. I work so much for us, and I understand you can't work right now but you could at least help me around the house. I'm not asking for a lot.'; And maybe try to do something together (something both of you like to do, and don't involve sex). Try to make him see the wonderful woman you are and how lucky he is to be with you. Make him remember why he is with you. Not so you can support his lazy *** but because of how much fun you have together. Try everything you can before you give up on your relationship. If nothing works and you're truly unhappy, end it and don't look back.
    Sounds like you need to sit him down for a little ';chit chat';. You have to call him out on the ';pimp logic'; thing. Ask him if he thinks of himself as the pimp, how does he see you? You need to then tell him you don't see yourself that way, and then give him a good ultimatum. If he is unwilling to change you may have to do a trial separation, and see if he comes to his senses. You actually have all the cards since you are the breadwinner. Men have traditionally held this roll,and it has contributed to their arrogant attitudes toward women. This guy is a real piece of work treating you like this when he is unemployed. Exactly what does he envision himself bargaining with? Have fun.
    he is hurting right now where is your loyalty im sure he wants nothing more than to be a provider get behind him stop complaining give him a chance to get himself together if you give up your giving up on your best friend

    How do you (a man) lose weight/fat without gaining muscle? (Legs/Thighs particularly)?

    I don't want any answers like ';why would you want to loose fat without gaining muscle?'; I just do. I don't want to be muscular, I don't want to be fat, I just want to be slim.How do you (a man) lose weight/fat without gaining muscle? (Legs/Thighs particularly)?
    Hi .'Af,

    You can go to the gym and do cardiovascular activities for an hour at least thrice a week. At the same time, you should also consider the proper how's of eating:

    1. Eat only when hungry-and stop before you鈥檙e full.

    2. Eat slowly and chew food thoroughly.

    3. Eat only when calm and relaxed.

    4. Allow plenty of time between meals.

    5. Drink plenty of water.

    It is not enough that you take a diet. You should take it as a lifestyle: Eat less and exercise more. :)

    Check out my source articles to know more. Good luck!How do you (a man) lose weight/fat without gaining muscle? (Legs/Thighs particularly)?
    Cardio, running, biking..

    Watch what you eat..cut on calories..cut greasy food, fast right..drink lots of water..
    Lots of cardio!! combined with a healthy balanced, high protein diet. you still should incorporate strength training in there somewhere.. just 1-3 times a week and work with lighter weights.
    lose fat with protocol.Its the best product
    One of the best method to loose weight, is through the change in the food you take. Prefer to eat less caloric food.This helps to loose weight easily, along with out running and work outs can be helpful.


    I met this guy at a friends club a few weeks ago. we r both seemed2hit it off. I gave him my number an the next day he text mesaying 'this is my number how ru' txt each other through out the week i invited him out an he said he had a drivin test in the morning an he'd txt me2meet anuva time.Couple days later his best mate invited me out with them.So we all went 4a couple of drinks i ended up back at his house, we slept in the same bed had a kiss but no sex. Ive hurd from a of mine mate that the person i like an his best mate quote 'fancie every one' are sluts basicaly. But they r only human. Bit put off by that i think.Not sure. But any way we been texting each other again.I want to see him again but as last time i invited him out he basicaly said no i don't no if i should risk him sayin no again as will look a bit silly or just wait an see if i hear from him. I men if i text him he texts back so its not lik he dont wan2 talk to me but i can't seem 2 pin him down to meet up.Men?????????????
    give it up, no good can come of this...Men?????????????
    If you get into bed with a man (that you barely know) after the first date, then you are assuredly a slut.

    Either do him, or move along and give another slut a chance!
    if uve asked him several times 2 go out but ur not getting anywhere then ur not going 2 get anywhere with him .it sounds 2 me that he's just not wanting a dating situation
    well your young and he sounds younger in the head ...move on and find someone who will enjoy your company..

    and by the way txt is not romantic

    if you like to talk
    tell him you want to bang him, he'll show up!! when he does show up bang him in the *** with a 2foot dildo. it's the only way, trust me!!
    where did u learn english?
    ';Ding, Ding, Ding, I'm sorry but the question you tried to ask is no longer in service. If you feel you reached this message in error, Please ask the question in simple, understandable English and try asking it again.';
    Well if he 'fancies sluts' I wouldnt take the risk (Im a guy but saying if i was a girl lol) but he was sweet to kiss you i guess if he really 'fancied sluts' to a huge point, he would prolly take advantage of you drinking and you being in his bed. So thats a good thing in him. If your afraid of him saying no again, just try. Go for it. Your both 20, so your young as hell, and have a whole life to go through still. If he denies you again, just be like in your head you know what f*ck this guy he's not worth it if he has to keep saying no, ill move on and find somebody else. And if your mad cause he says no, then go clubbin. You seem like you like doing that so just do some crap that gets your mind off him and have fun. Peace.
    oh yes sure sure hes not a player by the way i have a double bed but im single do you want to balance it out iknow iknow were pigs oink oink
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