Friday, August 20, 2010


How do you rise to the occasion???Men..........?
bj! bj! bj!Men..........?
two words big b**bs
I thought men were always horny anyway
How? Without any difficulty whatsoever.........I still get hard on the top deck of a bus like a horny 14 year old!
With the help of the wife.
a little touch will do the trick
My man can't truly rise to the occasion unless I'm around ;)
I rise to the occasion when the occasion arises.
well i knead it a little to start with it allways helps
I like to watch a little p*rn. Also I like a helping hand. Care to lend a hand?
Uh, well I just do. It doesn't take much.
Look at a woman. It takes very little for me, it doesn't help that it has been quite a while.
Not a Problem....!!
Very easily, no effort required!
when a girl gets me ';excited'; =) lol
I flick through an IKEA catalogue

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