Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Why do Men Want it All?

Or I should say, if you want your wife to work and you have kids -- how do you expect her to dote on you when she has to give her kids the time that is being taken away from them? If you want the security of her having a paycheck, then you can't expect her to be your little doting wife and rub your feet and listen to your day. If you want to get treated like your Dad did, you should work harder so that your wife can spend time with her children and then she wouldn't feel guilty about sending them to the babysitter and spending time with you, talking and having fun. Of course if we work we want to spend more time with our children afterwards. How does a logical man expect a women to do everything for the family when she has to work? And this is completely outside of housework. This is spending time with kids out of our limited schedules. I just can't understand how any man can complain (mine does).Why do Men Want it All?
All of what?Why do Men Want it All?
You and your husband have a problem and should probably go for counseling.

Your problem is not uncommon at all, as I had a similar situation. Counseling by a trusted third, unrelated party can help both partners understand each other's issues and find ways to change attitudes and induce compromise to make things easier.
She can do it. Why shouldn't we want it all? especially if we're the last member of our father's family? What would you have us do? Let our blood line die? That's an immoral, selfish expectation, girl.
you answer that question. except put yourself in his place.
My husband does the same stuff, but not to the same extent as yours, he also is at home with the kids while I am at work. He just needs to feel like you have time for him as well as everything else, my husband also tells me on a daily basis how much he appreciates me being a super hero mum/wife which makes the complaining bearable most of the time.
too big for me to read but generally that's nature
Well, I learned early on that in order for my wife to not be so tired, I needed to help out more. Now, I do most of the cooking since I get home first, I do wash and clean house. I work shift work so that gives me time. Guess what, my sex life got alot better because she wasn't worn out at the end of the day. It really made a difference in my marriage.
They are looking only from their point of view, what they want. Men tend to really want and expect domestic support. Regardless if you work or not. Logic has nothing to do with it. It is based on feelings, not logic. People don't act based on logic. The best way is for you to work and he be a stay-at-home dad and have all the expectations placed on him so he understands. So he has to meet what he would expect of you (without even the working part actually). Then he goes to work later and sees how hard that is. He has to actually be in your role before he understands.
Sweety, its not men wanting it all....its this worthless society that we've created. Everyone wants to start out on top, be first in line and so on.
Human nature. The wierd part is that if he wasn't like this you might be just as selfish.
Wow!Sounds like your very unappreciated. Being a mother is a full time job in itself. Talk to your husband and show him all our responses. It might open up his eyes a little. Good luck!
they are stupid and don't see anything aside from what they want
Man-hating *****. You're not asking a question. You're just pissed b/c your husband wants to have sex. You're not working outside the home against your will. You like the money as much as he does.

Stop whining, get in the kitchen, and get supper on the table! NOW!!!
female minds . . . all the same . . . they pretend they are the victims
Wow, you reminded me of how exhausted I was, trying to keep up with everything! Maybe that's why I am divorced! lol

Some men are great at helping around the house, and will have fun with you and the kids as well. Or even entertain them so that you can have some alone time or time to do what you want. Hopefully your hubby will realize what a treasure he has, because if he doesn't someone else will.

Best of wishes!!!

Hang in there!
my husband is of that old school, and says I don't have to work unless I want to. He also goesn't expect me to do everything if I do, and would be willing to take up half the house chores and half time with the kids.
Sounds like you married a spoiled brat. He is using you. You all need counseling or this marriage will not work out.

Good luck!
That's why I don't want kids.
First of all, humans are not logical so forget about logic. I think guys have pretty unrealistic expectations of women, especially in certain cultures ie Asian. They're naturally selfish... That's the answer. You have to teach a guy on what you expect from them, and then they can learn to share the duties. If a woman doesn't like the way her man thinks, she ought to teach him a better way. If he cares about her then he'll change.
Not all men act like that. You just had the misfortune of finding one who does. If it really bothers you, speak with him about it, perhaps get a family council session. Even show him this website here and let him read what people are obviously going to write.

If you want to change and improve your life, it's yours do to. If it means changing around things at home, take those steps. If it takes the dramatic step of giving him the option to smarten up or talk out the door, then so be it. You are not responsible for his happiness, but you are responsible for yours.
u can do it all just have to make time. one person cant do it by there self in this day in time people need two incomes coming in. you just have to learn how to balance your family, i do it everyday.
I do understand your sitution I was going through kinda the same thing but, you really just have to tell him what you have told us. My husband and I now have to share all of the duties because my hours are like a second shift now so makes it tuff. (but, I am also the bread winner you could say) but, we did work it all out and he is doing better and helping out more.. So you just need to find out what he really wants a house wife or a working wife. Just ask him.. Remember Men need direct question.
Men (in general) are greedy, mean, ignorant creatures.
I guess thats why they are called ';men'; . Their demands and expectations are always high .. No woman can ever make a Man happy but a man can easily make a woman happy . A cuddle and a hug is enough to make a woman happy .
I have a full plate as well as you. We have three children, and we both work full time. It takes 100% from each person, not 50/50. If he's not doing enough to help you, then you need to teach him that he needs to contribute and then you would be able to have more time together.

But, being a mother, a wife, and having a full time job is busy. It's a never ending job, and it's a thankless job. That's why they call it the hardest job in the world. But God made us women able to handle it. Just grit your teeth, and do what you have to do. Try to squeeze in some time for you and hubby also. It's important to keep a good relationship, otherwise it will fall apart and not last.
Men want to be succesful in life and have everything like a male dog marking his teratory..
because they feel they should be in charge they want authority over their women they feel as if they don't the women wear the pants in the relationships
men dont want it all because they dont want to go through nine months of pregancy and they dont want to be bleeding and they dont want to get the kids dress of take them to school or do anything that mothers do
Logical men don't ';Want it All';. If they are truly logical, they would know that all things aren't perfect and never will be. When it comes to dealing with kids, women are more compassionate when dealing with them than men are. I am still unsure what your question is asking though, or did you just feel the need to vent about your husband?
Sound to me your looking for superwoman....take what u can get and quit being so selfish..
because we deserve it all

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