Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Whose hornier? men or women? The FINAL WORD(read full question)?

Some say ';Women are, were just better at hiding it';. But the point is, if you were AS horny as a guy, you wouldn't be able to hide it. Im NOT DENYING female sexuality! BUT you are not AS horny as men! Men are CUT THOAT HORNY. HERES THE FACTS:

Who rapes? men

Who molests children? Priests(which are men) how many nuns molest kids? NONE

Doctors sued for sexually assaulting patients? Men

Dentist caught sexually assulting pateints? Men ';';

BUYS, actually BUYS majority of porn? MEN. We are so horny it overides shame. Even Playgirl sales are predominanttly to GAY MEN.

Who buys hookers? Men(even the the women are hookers, theres 100 ';johns'; for every hooker, and how well do you think a male hooker would do???yeah right! it'd just be fat chicks and amputees buying him!

Which sex had sex bathouses in the 60s and 70s? Men, GAY MEN

Who masturbates on webcam Chatroulette? MEN. And what do the girls do(usually) when they see it. They click ';NEXT';F9. On the rare occasion we see a chick fingering, do we click ';NEXT';? HELL NO! WE WATCH THAT S**T!

Who drags their friends away from getting laid in the nightclub setting?Women! Men would never stop their buddy from scorring, and even if they tried, the guy would tell them to ';f**k off';. Women let their friends pull them away from sex opportuntiies. Men would never have that.

Biology: Men have anywhere from 300-1000 nanograms of testosterone per dl, with most men falling around 600ng. Women have 40-60ng per day So men have an average of TEN times the testosterone of women. Also, ask any woman who is on HRT(hormone replacement thereapy) who has added testosterone and she will tell you it makes her frisky...and thats still only a fraction of what men have.

NOTE: Testosterone does not make men have sick fantasies of molesting kids. But it does make them ACT ON IT. Women often have sick fantasies as well. Fantasies are a personal thing, but women don't act it out like men do. Women have fantasies about young boys and girls too.(My Secret Garden by Nancy Friday) With men, the urge is so strong we can't hold it back.

So as honry as you women are, an I appreciate your horniness, MEN are hornier.

There are a few women with libidos stronger than some men's, but for the most part, men are still hornier.Whose hornier? men or women? The FINAL WORD(read full question)?
Rant much? Men are hornier.Whose hornier? men or women? The FINAL WORD(read full question)?
by all means, males, you can have those stats and facts. good job.

try a meat market bar on a Thursday, Friday, Saturday nite after 10pm
your answering the question with facts... pretty much men are

true true true, men seem to be more horny than women are, i wonder why???
Too true.
I think it has something to do with hormones.

Mens hormones are released at the same rate over the course of a month so they may seem pretty horny all the time.

Women however release their hormones at different rates depending on their cycle so sometimes we just may not be in the mood AT ALL and other times (e.g. ovulating) may be gagging for it

Its all science.
But I'm curious, what about the age factor? I've heard that guys reach sexual maturity at 18, and then it's just downhill from there! On the other hand, women reach sexual maturity around their 30s.

So, is a 30-year-old woman hornier than, say, a 40-year-old man, given that she is in her prime horniness while the guy passed his prime 22 years ago?
My ex g/f was horny for me 24/7. Did wonders for my ego. Never ever was with someone like that. i asked her if she was from another planet and she did not answer. I then asked her if the girls on her plant were like her and she nodded her head. I then posed the question: Are women on your planet as neurotic as on Earth. She said not by a long shot. Guys on earth are easy.
Not everyone fits stereotypes, but on a statistical level and on a mental level, men are normally the ones that seek sex more assertively than woman. This is due to the average woman being more emotionally drawn to relationships or etc; where as men do like the romantic side sure, but they do tend to seek more sexual solutions.

Doesn't make either side of the sex gender bad, but if we must ask this question, it would be stereotypically men.
woah woah woah!

there are women rapists out there, look up your sources before you start coming up with facts

not all molestor are priests, and not all molestors are men, again look up your sources

women buy hookers too, or we just go to bars and pick up men if we really need a cheap release

there are such things as c0ck-blockers and tw4t-swatters (thank you Dane Cook)

just because you think men are hornier doesnt mean you are

women are able to hide it more, it's our nature

it wouldnt look very ladylike to be hopping on everything that moved now would it?

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