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Why is it okay for the world to insult America?

but not okay for America to defend his/her country? I think foreigners are jealous and have an inferiority complex. Kind of like how a retarded person (the rest of the world) can make fun of a successful grown man (America). God bless America.Why is it okay for the world to insult America?
Make fun of my nation all you want.

I got a sense of humor.

My favorite one deals with why Americans always lose at chess?Why is it okay for the world to insult America?
Your post is silly. The 'world' has not insulted America. You do realize the US is a single nation among MANY, right?
I think you are so right.

I really dislike how Obama is just taking the garbage, too.

You, sir, are a great Briton.
They can say what they want and we can, too. No one says Americans can't stand up for themselves.
...and who's insulting whom? You are a great advert for your country.
I don't know if it's an inferiority complex, but it's all a matter of perspective. It can appear to an American that the US is exercising its military might to track down threats to our country, and it can appear to someone else as imperialism or a gross mishandling of our power. Both points are valid, and I think it's in the spirit of America to allow other people to say as they please about us. It won't make us or break us.
why not and we cwrtainly aren'y jealous hahaha
dude its the usa foreign policy that people dont like, most americans are great

america is a young country your rantings about grown men and so forth dont do you any favours,
God Bless the U.S.A.!
sticks and stones and all that !why worry -if you know you are great you have nothing to prove you can watch the insults sail by and just look down on your critics condescendingly secure in the knowledge that they are wrong
I know America is a lovely place to live, but you need to develop an awareness of America's foreign policy and how little the American people know about the rest of the world.

Americans generally seem to believe their nation is the closest thing to heaven on Earth, and yet there lingers a vague sense that the rest of the world doesn't see it that way.

The reason this is puzzling to Americans is because they are insular and have little idea of what the rest of the world is like. The media and politicians peddle the comforting notion of ';land of the Free, Home of the Brave';, and paint the Middle East as barbaric and Europe rather like one regards one's parents after leaving home.

The rest of the world sees things rather differently, America comes across as an ignorant and swaggering bully intent on protecting its interests no matter the cost.

I am not saying this is necessarily correct, but it would benefit everyone if America's foreign and domestic policies weren't so opposed, and if the people of America kicked Fox News and the rest where it hurts and found out what really goes on.

The notion of America as a successful adult and the rest of the world as a retard is arrogant in the extreme. A more appropriate analogy would be the rest of the world as a well established distinguished and cultured family and America the sulky obstreperous teenager who has won a great deal of money and thinks that confers a right to have things their own way.
The first thing I will say is that the a person's maturity can be gaged by his ability to laugh at himself. This will also include a country. It shows the ability of one to not doubt his/her values and who he/she is. This is one of the reasons why it is not acceptable for us to mock Islam. We can do it to Christianity thank God!

The second thing is America has set itself on the Pedestal of all that is righteous and good and tends to want to impose this on other states. In many respects America is right but for a poor nation without the ability to rise above it's own poverty it can be seen that America is belittling or looking down upon this nation.

I hope you understand this.
Because no American ever has made fun of our teeth have they.

Now lets look at the language you use. You generalise to America V Rest of the World, even though the rest of the world goes from radicals that want to kill you to countries who have people that have died for you. People don't generally insult America but, people like you are free to be mocked.
Thank you, Brian and I am so happy to see this question . God Bless America and the rest of the world have bitten our hands. America has defended many countries and even to this day , are made fun of or degraded for all we helped . Tax payers money has sent supplies to Foreign Countries and one for instance are rude to Americans when they visit over sea's. When American Military went into Germany, many Germans were happy to see us. There are many elderly who hang their heads in Shame to what Hitler did. Young people of today, do not know. They continue to disloyally attack America. They just don't know or care about America. Their Grandfathers or Great Grandfathers fought to keep this Country free. It would be horrible if they could see and hear how their Grandchildren degrade a Country that they died and fought for. Skin Heads, proudly fly or display the Swastika . The Nazi movement are trying to bring back the ways of Nazism. To fly or display the Swastika in this Country is a real act of disloyalty.

Norway is a great Friend to America. They gave the Nobel Peace Prize to a man who was very deserving. The Norwegian Military fought with America to rid Norway from the enemy, and many Norwegian men/women joined the American Military to win. We know what countries continue to bash us. So we need to stand strong and consider the source. You are a good American and can see the writing on the Wall. God Bless You and God Bless, America. I bet your Parents are proud of their Son. I know that I am Proud of YOU.
I'm sorry but its stupid questions like that, that get America no where by '' praising its self as amazing''

Your telling me over 300 odd nations are wrong about America nations that have been on earth far longer then America ?

America didnt make America great it was European scientist Elbert Einstein being one of them.

your fore farther.. were British.

i don't know any body that's jealous of America I'm from the UK and i ain't jealous i despise your nation for everything that it stands for..

No wonder why half the world is pissed at America...

you think your country is so great and has so much freedom i don't see much difference between the UK and US on freedom ? as far as freedom goes the UK has always had freedom from birth..

As for great how can you say its better then '' the world'' if you haven't seen it?

that just shows your arrogance. superior ? why is your language inferior ?

America super power of the world for some what 50 years ?

do you know how many nations/ Empire's there are that ruled for centuries ?

Japan Sweden UK %26lt; 300 years..

Russia France Germany Etc etc..

if you really believe it's jealously your very mistaken.. you can argue that yes so many people want to come here etc etc.. but how many stay.. ? Eastern Europeans and eastern culture's like Asia go to America but their desperate to go to anywhere that's got freedom, just America boast about it more then any freedom nation put together..

In America ''Grown men stay in mums basements till they hit 30..''
In my view America is a continent, not a country. The world does not insult the USofA it insults its people. Probably because of the stereotypes, like arrogance, and the way Christianity is the focal point of day to day life for the vast majority, the way it throws its wait around the world stage like a dumb Labrador on a smooth wooden floor etc, there are numerous reasons.

Big deal other countries people take the piss out of other countries people. Get over yourself, you can take it, you鈥檙e a big grown up country now :)

Why not?

Look in the real world.

Decode this lyrics '; You'll see ';

';Wonderful world';

';Don't know much';

';Lady America';

'Charity Nation';

Not good image builder?

In holding the Torch?

Luke 21.30-36

Luke 9.25,55-56,60

Luke 24.44-45,47-48

What do you think?

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