Friday, August 20, 2010

Can you really have.....?

sex with someone, and not have any feelings towards them?

I don't just mean sex once with them,I mean, 5, 6 times within 2 weeks.

If you can how? I am trying to understand this at the moment, I would really like to know how men feel about this.Can you really have.....?
Stop before you get a STD.Can you really have.....?
i can have sex a time or 2 with some one and not have feeling....but 5 or 6 times a week id prolly have feelings
When you masturbate you sometimes use toys. Just consider sex with a person you don't have feelings for. I live TOY. No love no feels just something to play with.
ugghhh yeaaahh men love it too no strings attached just two people having a fun time
yes , only for the first time.

because as soon as I have sex with a girl ; I'll have feelings towards her.
It's called friends with benefits! lol
Yes some men definitely can (some men can't). Let me explain: as our ancestors (the males) were evolving they got use to having sex with more than one partner, while woman would have been more choosy as they would have become encumbered more quickly, so this is a hereditary trait (not necessarily a good one though) which has been passed down to us from the our ancestors.

Hence more men than women are likely to be able to have sex without love becoming involved.
why would you have sex with someone if you dont have any feelings toward them?????

lust probably is the reason
Yes I can and so can most men and some women do it too. Men don't usually get attached emotionally like girls do, at least not at first.
Hi ,yes you can have sex with some-one without feelings for them ,and it can be rather fun also x

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