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How are rational women viewed in society?

Scientifically, women are more emotional (and less rational) than men. However, there are some women who tend to have greater rational thought processes and behavior. How are these types of women viewed in society?How are rational women viewed in society?
I believe they are called Vulcan's.

The two I have met I found, impressive, logical, and to the point.How are rational women viewed in society?
Rational women are, in this mans opinion viewed as equals in all all aspects of logical thinking. If anyone can be totally objective, there is every indication that their thinking be accepted as part of the norm. The true conundrum is in today's society, what is considered ';rational'; ???
Careful here, you are presenting a particular historical social construction of 'women' as a 'social fact' Step back from this in order to take a broader view on how and why women have been constructed

a)within the set of social constructed differences between:

the rational...and .....the emotional

the cultural ...and ...the natural

the mind ...and ... the body

the public sphere.. and ... the domestic sphere

b) the way that the first terms have become constructed as the privileged terms, whilst

c) the second group of terms have been constructed as the devalued set

d) the set of 'differences' have themselves been socially constructed

Then within this more sociological understanding of this 'modern' configuration of 'the gendered self'

you can ask what happens when women 'step outside' of these preconceptions.

So it is the same question , but in asking it this way, you will avoid being caught up in the very prejudices you seem to be interested in analysing.

the work of the sociologists and philosophers:

Geneivieve Lloyd

Carole Pateman

Susan Moller Okin

and the cultural theorists of 'differance':


are all relevant to this issue you are raising - what happens when indiviudals step outside of their pre constructed roles and positions within the power relations of society.

Or for a less theoretical discussion of the same question look at this text on how the media presents women polticans:

Julie Baird, 'Media Tarts: How the Australian Press Frames Female Politicians', Carlton North, Scribe Publications, 2004 (ref below)
I think science is wrong to generalize. I feed on mostly emotions %26amp; run only forward with my emotions which in a since have a personal logic associated by what i know as a human.

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