Wednesday, August 11, 2010

I am sick of men. How do i apply to become a lesbian? Do I need to go to college for it?

';cause people often say that gay people are better educated that straight people you know which College has the best post graduation lesbian employment record? Cause I don't want to waste the tuition money and find that at the nd of four years i am still single you know%26gt;?I am sick of men. How do i apply to become a lesbian? Do I need to go to college for it?
I once knew of a little lesbian 'school' in the East side of Greenwich Village called The Cubby Hole.

You could try looking it up on the 'net. They might even offer long distance curriculum.

If not, I know how you feel... and maybe one day we can run off into the sunset together - ya know, if I ever decide that I can truly give up penis.

O.oI am sick of men. How do i apply to become a lesbian? Do I need to go to college for it?
That is not true but gay people have more social standing in education because they stay in school longer why because they are not getting people knocked up or getting knocked up themselves. I believe it is some what true and I know this because I have some family and friends who have very successful lives due to their lesbian experience in college. But now many have boyfriends or have husbands lol. Allot of women are gay during college to avoid getting knocked up by guys I have considered that to be a fact. But don't go to college just to be gay girlfriend there are some intelligent men and handsome men. You just date douche bags right now oh your the married one right. I think you need to figure this out with your hubby lol.
Girls have an easier time connecting with each other on an emotional since they are essentially the same, i.e. BFF, so there's no challenge to be connected with a girl if you're one also. There is no skill involved in keeping a like minded friend (that you have sex with) close...but one must work to keep a member of the opposite sex captivated. Not everyone likes a challenge.

Oddly enough the masculine lesbians often imitate all the worst character traits of men to stimulate their feminine counterparts. Especially the big strap-on.

If you're young you'll bounce around and constantly be frustrated while your youth slips away. If you're older you won't have much choice do like women that like women...but only when they are young. Men tend to give back what they get in relationships with women. So either all the men in your area have a problem or it's YOU.

Keep reaching for those stars.
Just don't get emotionally attached to them anymore. Use them for sex. We woman only serve the purpose of being their sexual play things in most cases. Why should it be any different the other way around? If your not a lesbian, I don't think you can suddenly transform yourself into one. My friend tried and it didn't work. She lasted about a year though (in a female female relationship). Pretty incredible effort, but she broke the poor girls heart. The next guy after the girl turned out to be her husband.
Just because the men that you went out with sucked doesn't mean you should ';try'; to be a lesbian.

I couldn't understand why I couldn't find a good guy and I thought it was me, but I realized it is the town I live in. Everyone sucks here. Everyone is rude and ignorant and obnoxious. You've been treated badly. Women will do it to you just as fast as a guy will. There are a lot of a**holes in the world but if you are patient the right person will show up. Don't look for it, it will come to you. Good Luck honey! ; D
You're lucky because I happen to own a Lesbo College, and we're still accepting applications.

You'll learn all the things you need to be a hardcore lesbian.

We produce the manly AND the feminine ones, depending on how much testosterone you want in your candy - we have 2 different vending machines for that.
I'm running a six week course up at Rotter manor. I'll gladly enrol you, I will be there supervising every step of the way of course. The video camera I use whilst filming my students is purely an educational tool that I use to review my students in private late at night. Its all above board and you certainly won't find yourself on the cover of some sleazy pornographic video, honest. Tip top.
You don't need schooling to learn how to love, there are many great teachers out there.

Myself being one. I'm not a lesbian of course, but I'd be willing to help you find the way.

And if we just so happened to find one another in a tender embrace... well so be it! I'm willing to be a good teacher.
U r rite... men make u sick!

So do women!

Don't fall into the trap n waste ur life n $ away!

It is much wiser to seek the one tat create u...

Seek Him with ALL ur heart n U will find Him..

Best part... It is FOC....

n He gives u...

FREEDOM... n LOVE tat no men nor women can ever or possibly give u....

Pls... don't jump from the pot (men) into the fire (women)

They will all fail u one day....tat's a guaranteed outcome!
';How do i apply to become a lesbian? Do I need to go to college for it?';

No; I'm a lesbian and I didn't go to college... the fact I'm a man is incidental.

I still dig chicks.

ok ummm... i don't think youre sick of men i just think that you are tired of being rejected and dumped too many times...becoming a lesbian is kinda drastic don't you think?
Come to me and you'll learn to love men in no time :P

I'm all for threesomes with another chick, though. I'll show you how its done. Got a lifetime of knowledge.
save your money, any amount of education won't be a benefit here

go to a gay bar and ask for an application there, it's free

apply for bull wanted
I just keep an open mind, and think maybe a girl will come along that will knock me off my feet, god knows the men cant do it.
yes, you must study on the island of lesbos
Specialize in carpentry, particularly ';Tongue and Grove'; flooring
lol, I'm surprised no one has complained about being offended by your question yet :P
All colleges encourage lesbian experimentation. Haven't you been to college before?
Any good liberal arts school has great courses on it...and the practicum is awesome too.
College doesn't matter, just make sure you sign up for the softball or basketball team, you'll have no problem from there.
Invite Captain Art Griego over for drinks.
Save your tuition money. All you need to do is buy a pair of comfortable shoes.
sorry i think you will find its in the genes --- the best you could do is an honours in bi :D ---- best wishes
Look just find one of your friends that is a lesbian then just see how it feels like.You don;t need no collage.
Here in the US they issue licenses. they are known as liquor licenses
You need to apply to your local lodge of the Double Enders Guild.
carpe cunnilingus
this is kind of insulting towards gay people. just so you know.
you sick of men...ah comeon..

try me.......than no sick only ****
all you need to dois get a haircut, wear a flannel shirt, lick carpet and 69
dont do that
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