Wednesday, August 11, 2010

How do men choose the woman they want to marry?

There are so many beautiful women in the world. How does a man choose?How do men choose the woman they want to marry?
easy, look to God for the guidance. He'll help you not screw up your life by marrying the wrong personHow do men choose the woman they want to marry?
They go out with women that they like until they find the one that they love. If they love them so much as to spend the rest of their life with them, then they'll marry them.
You just date until you find that special person you are happy with and you know she is happy with you and it just feels right and great!
Iono.. I'm usually more attracted to the one that doesn't give me a hard time and is not completely tooo much in love with me cuzz that can be a problem

I got too much girls saying they are in love with me, and that scares me..
As cliche as it sounds. You have to test the waters. When you've met the one you want to marry I think it becomes quite clear that it's a possibility. Simple as that :)
If he's young and inexperienced he let's his other head do the choosing. If he's older and wiser he will choose not to marry any of them.
most just settle for what they can get
he has a vision of her from the women that he comes across in life... my husband carried his vision since he was 13 and told me he had been looking for me every since
My husband also said he was always looking for me. He just knew what he wanted in a woman, and I matched it. He also matched what I was always looking for. Really the dream husband I always wanted. We also talk a lot together and have a strong connection. We are very different and very similar in (almost) all the right ways lol. Keep looking and Good luck!
For men it should not the beauty only things in life. The women must be co partner in every aspects apart loving,somewhat good looking,managing house and liabilities of marriage life etc are the criteria to be followed for marriage. The only poisonous beauty is not enough.
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