Wednesday, August 11, 2010

I dont know how to make older men want me?

I am 29-

younger guys hit on me all the time (20-24)- they try %26amp; are sweet but I want to date a man in his 30's, who will be established %26amp; possibly ready for more responsibility if we stay together

but they dont approach me.

why do you think they wont %26amp; how do I change it?I dont know how to make older men want me?
maybe approach them --- they may not approach you because you are younger (not that much younger) and see you as unapproachableI dont know how to make older men want me?
You look really young!!!
start stripping as soon as u see them!
I think you attract what you give off. So maybe the problem is that you act too young. If you are meeting these guys at bars, change your scene.
lol i have the opposite problem. i want younger men and i am your age. i find men online only after i know i can trust them. i also find them at places like coffee shops, colleges, sporting places. i go to places that i know older people will be at. and i find people through coworkers and friends.

please answer my ? too.

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