Monday, August 16, 2010

How to get my friend to like me more then a friend?

Hi a while back me and my friend both got out of relationships and I began liking her and I told her how I felt she said she was interested in me (wanted to get to know me more.) We're both in High School and everything was going fine until my friend tried getting her to date this guy and she began falling for him instead but he likes another girl so she lost interest in me and has some for the other guy but nothing really she doesn't really know him and has never spoken to him and she likes actual Men who aren't womanly pussy's because all of her relationships so far have been with ***-holes who thinks mainly of them self's and pressure her into doing stuff and basically cry and threaten they'll commit suicide when she leaves them and I was wondering how would I get my friend to like me more then a friend, shes into Emo, Rebel, Hardcore, type guys and I'm into the same stuff but i don't really dress like it.

P.S I don't want Comments like,'; Penis enhancement '; or stuff like that, I don't really loook for sex in a relationship and she doesn't either.How to get my friend to like me more then a friend?
leave her, find another one, do not waste ur time

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