Monday, August 16, 2010

How do white men feel about Black women?

Just curious about this... I need good honest answers. There are a lot of interacial dating nowadays...but we see mostly black men with white women(which I feel nothing is wrong with this) but I want to know how do white men feel about this. Also how do white men feel about black women. What do you say when you see a pretty black woman; is it the same when you see a white woman. Will you want to ask her out or are you scared. I am a black women, and I have never been hit on by a white man, just wondering why. I look at a good looking white man, the same as I look at a black man. Just curious....please no immature answers!!!!!!!How do white men feel about Black women?
Black, white, I don't care, aslong they're sucking my dick! OHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!How do white men feel about Black women?
most white guys HERE are racist
I feel that black women are like white woman, but usually with darker skin.
We are usually convinced that she isn't into white guys. If not that we don't feel like having to put up with immature black guys who think they somehow own every last black woman on earth. (You wanted an honest answer).

Your best bet is to make the first move by being friendly and talking to him first. Any guy who can't see that as a potential someone who could be into them is an idiot.
depends, i notice if you not really attractive they wont even give you their time of day, they are really shallow, they only go for the super skinny girls , and the ones that i ve seen with black woman are usually white trash ......
The black girls at my college are beautiful. I haven't seen one unattractive black girl over there yet and this is my second year there.
I think black women are incredibly hot...not all though. Women in general are the most beautiful creations on this planet, but you can't help who you're attracted to. For me, there are a lot of black women I don't find attractive, but there are a lot that I do find extremely attractive. There (sometimes) is a big difference in attitude and that can be a turn off/on depending on the woman. I used to think that black women weren't into white guys so I wouldn't approach them.
Plenty white men in Hollywood are married to black women.

Here's a few below:

-Keisha Sharp and husband Swedish Film Producer

-Debra Wilson and Cilff Skelton

-Eve the rapper and Shane Powers

-Tatyana Ali and Italian fiance'

-Werner Klemperer and wife, actress Kim Hamilton

-Legendary Punk Rocker Iggy Pop and girlfriend Nina Alu

-Naomi Campbell and Billionaire boyfriend Vladimir Doronin

-Olympian Mary Wineberg and Husband (her Coach)

-Model Alec Wek and Riccardo Sala

-Canadian Singer Fefe Dobson and Boyfriend Michael Seater

-Kim Wayans and husband Kevin Knotts

-Shane Lynch (formerly of pop group Boyzone) and wife Sheena White

-Zoe Kravitz (Lenny Kravitz's daughter) and boyfriend Ben Foster

-Mark Ecko and wife Allison

-Chris Noth and Tara Wilson

-Carlos and Deborah Santana

-Iman and David Bowie

-Paula Patton and husband Robin Thicke

-Matt Stone (Creator of South Park) and girlfriend Angela Parker

-Model Denise Vasi and Noah Tepperberg

-Virginie Silla %26amp; husband Luc Besson French Producer-Director and Movie Mogul

-Oluchi (Nigerian Model) and husband Luca Orlandi (Fashion Designer)

-Diamond Dallas Page (Pro Wrestler %26amp; Wrestling Manager) and girlfriend Angela

-Stephanie Steward (African-American Journalist) %26amp; husband, Stefan Lust (German Comedian)

-Wolfgang Puck (Celebrity Chef) and wife, Gelila Assefa

-Actress Golden Brooks and Marcus Mollinari

-Venus Williams (Tennis Pro) and boyfriend Hank Kuehne (Ex-Golfer)

-Tina Frimpong and Brad Ellertson

-Dawn Simpson (daughter of BET's Donnie Simpson) and fiance, Dan Falls (Real Estate Developer)

-Tyra Banks (supermodel) and Giancarlo Marcaccini (footballer and entreprenuer)

-Keisha and Justin Chambers (Grey’s Anatomy’s Dr. Alex Karev)

-Mildred and Richard Loving

-Alison Stewart (former MTV News reporter and MSNBC anchor) and Bill Wolff (VP, MSNBC)

-Tamala M. Edwards (former ABC White House correspondent and ABC World News Now anchor and former Time Magazine correspondent and current ABC anchor in Philadelphia) and Rocco -Lugrine (Philadelphia pastry chef and business owner)

-Daniel and Marianne Pearl

-Count Ferdinand and Countess Mary Von Hapsburg of Austria

-Shantanella and husband McSerch (Detroit Radio Show Co-host and former rapper)

-The Prince Maximilian of Liechtenstein and Princess Angela Brown

-Robert DeNiro and wife grace Hightower

-Angela McGlowan and John Venners

-Chuck Tiller (Houston talk radio host KNTH 1070 AM) and Wife Mary

-J.J. Murray (author) and wife Amy Renee Murray

-Thandie Newton and Ol Parker

-Erica Dunlap (Miss. America 2004) and Brian Kleinschmidt

-Lydia Carlston (Model) and Mats Carlston (Global Finance Practice Group Leader and Partner of Nixon, Peabody International Law Firm)

-Alicia Marie and John Rocker

-Nicole Narain (Playboy Playmate) and on and off boyfriend Colin Farrell (Actor)

-Roxie Roker and Sy Kravitz (Lenny Kravitz’s parents)

-Remy Shand (singer) and his wife Maiko Watson

-Kira Arne %26amp; Tom Verica

-Nicole Richie and Joel Madden

-George Lucas and Mellody Hobson

-Claire Hope-Ashitey (star of “Children of Men”) and Jo Charlesworth

-Prince Albert of Monaco and Nicole Coste

-Gloria Jones %26amp; Marc Bolan (70s British Rock Star)

-Tanya and Ivan Sergei (Actor)

-Barbara %26amp; Boris Becker (Tennis Pro)

-Halle Berry %26amp; Gabriel Aubry

-Roger Ebert %26amp; Chaz

-Kerry Washington %26amp; David Moscow

-Heather Hedley %26amp; Brian Musso

-Garcelle Beauvais-Nilon %26amp; Husband

-Debra Wilson %26amp; Cliff Skelton (scroll down)

-Aisha Tyler %26amp; Jeff Fietjens

-Alfre Woodward %26amp; Roderick Spencer

-Former Defense Secy William Cohen and Janet Langhart Cohen

-Crystal %26amp; Paul Wall (Rapper)

-Eunice %26amp; Sebastian Deisler (German Football Star)

-Tamyra Gray (American Idol Finalist) %26amp; Sam Watters (Songwriter %26amp; Producer)

-Serena Williams %26amp; Brett Ratner

-Eileen Norton and Peter Norton (Creator and Owner of Norton Utilities)

-Sherry Bronfman (ex-wife of Edgar Bronfman Jr.--Seagram Liquor Heir)

-Leslie Uggams %26amp; Graham Pratt (Australian Businessman) (scroll to bottom)

';Downtown'; Julie Brown %26amp; Martin Schuermann

-Tina Turner %26amp; Erwin Bach

-Lois %26amp; Ronald Betts ( Founder and Chairman of the Chelsea Piers AND lead owner of the Texas -Ranger Baseball team with partner Pres. George W Bush)

-Stone Phillips (TV Anchorman) %26amp; Debra

-Michaelle Jean (Canada's Governor General) and Jean-Daniel Lafond

-Lena Horne and Lennie Hayton

-Shari Belafonte %26amp; Sam Behrens (Actor)

-Mark Bamford %26amp; Suzanne Kay (Both are Screenwriters)

-Katherine Dunham %26amp; John Pratt

-Alice Walker %26amp; Mel Levantahl

-Ron Perlman, Opal Stone %26amp; Kids

-Elizabeth Roxas-Dobrish (former Alvin Ailey Dancer) %26amp; Robert Dobrish (Matrimonial Lawyer to the -Stars)

-Kelly Rowland and her Italian fiance

and there's more
Post a pic. You say you are good looking, then it must be something else that keeps them away.

I would (Back when I was single) hit on a good looking black girl, but there were'nt any where I lived. Plus they had really bad attitudes, so did alot of the white girls and I did not hit on them either.

(That explains why I found my wife in another state)
Unfortunately you may not get the answer you are looking for on here, Ive noticed people on here (frank) are usually rude and racist.

Yes...There are not many white men attracted to black girls just like there are not ';many'; black women or white women attracted to asian men. But there are a few white men that like black women. And they are not as racist as the idiot (frank) who probably looks like the scum of the earth! and no Self respecting, attractive, successful hot black girl wants ANYWAYS!!!

Phew...OK....Now that thats over with....

I have gotten asked out by white men before, but more frequently black men and hispanic men ask me out. so once in a while it may need to move to an area where there are more interracial couples, or try blind dates and such...but try to be open to other races, like I have begun to do. even though I am mostly attracted to white men, I will date other men too.

Who knows, the man for you may not be white....
I am White and there are plenty of Black women who I find physically attractive, although most of the ones that catch my eyes are on the lighter shade of Black like this woman for example
Hmmm, the ones that I've dated seemed to feel just fine about it.
Having grown up in a sheltered suburban setting, I don't know many black women. I can assure you though that a pretty woman is a pretty woman and would certainly capture my attention.
I keep saying this. There are six (count them; 6) attractive black women on this planet, and half of them aren't even fully black.

Rihanna - Barbados/Dominican Republic

Mariah Carey in the 90's - Mixed

Halle Berry - Mixed

Meagan Good - Black, but a bit too fat for me

Gabrielle Union - Black, and still a bit too large for my tastes

Alicia Keyes - Black, musician, singer, sexy as hell

There are no other attractive black women on the planet, so I can't say that your question really applies to any of us.

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