Monday, August 16, 2010

Are men supposed to trim their pubic hair?

If so how long should it be?Are men supposed to trim their pubic hair?
I wish I could. Really.Are men supposed to trim their pubic hair?
Yes! Well at least clean it up a little to like 1/4 inch. It'll make ur junk look bigger's a win win

trim it to look exactly like brad pits' 'beard'

sorry if i offended the macho man down there that thinks we're all gay.
Its considerate to your partner to trim....the length is up to you...just keep trimming until it looks nice...
That just depends on the guy. My pubic hair is long and fluffy, i haven't cut it yet. There is not problem with long pubic hair. If you or your girlfriend perfer it to be short than cut it.
Hey, Jason! It's not a ';supposed'; thing, it's a personal preference. You do what you want. If you want to totally shave your pubes, do that. If you want to trim very short, or just a little then do just that. It's your pubic hair. You choose.
no but some do for it for looks or they like wearing speedos when they go swimming like we do so we keep ours trimmed but it really up too the person if he wants too trim down there or not
Wha...WHAT? Are you all gay? No you should not trim your pubes. Ever. Do you think John Wayne trimmed his pubes? **** no he didn't. Real men don't trim their hair they drink beer and grow more hair and be damned to whoever sees their magnificent tree farm.

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