Wednesday, August 11, 2010

How to dream about something I want?

Sometimes as I'm dozzing off, I wonder what I want to dream about. I have always had a big imagination; I like to flood my mind with fantasies. My favorite super hero is The Iceman and I like to make up these little stories hoping i gradually fall asleep and the story will continue into the dream.....Man, how that has failed many times. Also, sometimes I dream about something I like, and I want to dream about it again...but can't seem to conjure that dream up again. :( Sometimes I wish someone would invent a watchamacallit device that will allows us to dream about anything we want. I don't doubt human ingenuity.How to dream about something I want?
It has to be the last thing you think about before you go to bed:)How to dream about something I want?
you cannot choose what you want to dream about, except outside your dream
In Japan, there's a machine which can make people to dream what they want. The problem is that machine is too big and its price is really high, also it's still under the study.

I heard that it works to people.

Otherwise, you should put in the picture, which represents the dream you want to see under the pillow.

It a tradition in Japan.
I have done it. A long time ago I read about how to dream about what you wanted and about how to be kind of conscious when you are dreaming so you can control the dream, and I have done it too. I forgot about the method but it had to do with thinking a lot about it when you go to bed and becoming relaxed while repeating softly to yourself: ';Tonight I'm going to dream about....'; Keep trying it until it happens.

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