Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Girls, do u like how god created men?

instinctively men are driven to spread their genes. That's why men are usually so horny all the time and want to sleep with so many girls. and the younger the better (sorry this is true) obviously we try to go against nature due to love, social rules, etc but this is against god who wanted men to be men. now, how do u like god?Girls, do u like how god created men?
What a lame read.Girls, do u like how god created men?
I love the way God put my man together.

Your statement is crazy though. My man doesn't want to sleep around. That's actually pretty dangerous in this day and age. And he certainly doesn't want to make babies with a lot of young girls to spread his genes.

Get some common sense.
You are a fair thinker and of course think as experience allows. Making the ying requires making the yang to match or it is a no go or a no show. I guess what I am saying is there maybe much more to see and experience before the fat lady sings. Oh yeah It comes closer to the end , the end of the opera or drama in your life! Keep posting good questions like this eh?
Many people struggle with lust. Praying the rosary daily and attentively is an excellent way for one to avoid many sins of lust.
sounds like someone is trolling for affection
I don't know, my gf is horny all the time too.
i am sure they love one part the most
II had sex with Jesus is this insest ?

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