Wednesday, August 11, 2010

How do you get your man to leave you?

Say your husband won't let you leave him...but you feel like you need to be seperated. How can you act or do so he will leave you?

He's kind of improving his anger and abuse, going to anger management (by law), but doesn't trust you, won't let you go anywhere by yourself if he can help it and going out with him is no longer fun.How do you get your man to leave you?
These people think it's so easy to just up and leave. I know that it isn't because we don't know your situation, but the only thing I can suggest is trying to see if you can get a court order for him to leave. It may take a while for that to happen, but if you can't wait see if there is a family member or a friend you can stay with until you can get on your feet if you aren't on them.

Good luckHow do you get your man to leave you?

Well - No Sex for starters and Just Be Mean Constantly to him.

Start Packing up either his stuff or yours and somebody has to move out eventually....

No Trust - Won't Work....Sorry

Take Care and Good Luck !
Just LEAVE him

be a pain nasty in the ***

diigg in your *** and rub it on his face

or something muture tell him ur lesbain and u dont want him
Yes, leave him, go to court, because he is restricting your freedom, get an injunction, make sure he stays well away.
Just go. Get over your fears and make a stand. Stay away, don't go back.
I went to my moms, then filed a restraining order.
Don't have sex with him. He will find it somewhere else and go himself.
you have to leave him, i know it sucks but that really the only way.

men like that don't get it
he won't let you? he can't stop you! pack your stuff and get out while he's at one of his court appointed classes.
Leave him. If he is abusive call the authorities or seek help from some agency. The time it took for you to type out this question you could have made a call to some center for assistance. They are all over the net and your telephone book. You can contact social services et cetra...

Gee, anger and abuse. Lame. I'd leave.
Call your local police, ask for the number of the spousal abuse line, and call them and ask for their help and support. They can tell you all you need to know.
Get the HELL out of there!
pack your bags and leave him in the middle of the night or when he is at work...
Hit the road, Jack!
All people who are in a relationship have the same problem. They do not talk. They dont even try to talk and they find other ways to say i leave you or i hate you and more.
just run off

Its called YOU packing your stuff and walking out the front door... If he trys to stop you call the cops... Then get an order of protection..
You don't have to agree to divorce... just leave and then serve him with divorce papers.
cheat on him
sleep with his brother

When he leaves to work or somewhere just pack up and leave!
He sounds dangerous. Go to work, leave him a note telling him how you feel, and never come back. If he follows, either get a restraining order (which doesnt always work), or move FAR away.
This man will never leave you, accept that. You need to leave him and realize that he isn't letting or not letting you. Controlling men seek out women who they can control. Leave him, get the law involved, get your friends and family involved.
one day, while he is out, leave.. take your bags and stuff, and walk out the door... go stay with friends or family...
well , take him to places he hates to go... tell him you want to go shopping and take a real long time looking , do everything he hates, but act nomal, dont fight just do it for about 2 month and hell probably start hating you and even tell you to go ahead go by your self.
be the boss of everything overbearing and aggrisive tell him what hes going to do with no compramize you make the choices for everything dont give him sex and of you do bite sometimes give really bad oral and never put out dont clean after yourself or even flush be filthy
One day while he is at anger management, pack up all your shi!!t and let him come home to an empty house. Leave no note of where you are going and get there. Call him to tell him your alive, but don't let him know where you are. You need to go somewhere he won't come looking and if he does, they will tell him to go away and mean it, until you can get out of state. Sounds like this guy might try to kill you if your close. I would get out of state as soon as I could.
I was in a relationship such as this for 15 years. I assure you, there is no amount of anger management that will fix a man like this. Especially if he is being FORCED to go. Face it, he's not ever going to admit he's got a problem. The most you'll get is him using it as an excuse to abuse you more, then say he ';can't control himself';. You have to decide when and how you will get out of this relationship. Do you have kids? If so, you will need to protect them as well as yourself. If not, then you are all the more free to just walk away. He CANNOT control you unless you allow him to. LEAVE!!! Is he with you every minute of the day? If not, make a plan. Have it ready to carry out on a day he is at work or gone someplace. You can do this. It's hard and it's hell and you'll feel like going back to him or staying with him, but just do it. This man will never change, not ever.

I used to feel like I was trapped and had no place to go. But for my own sake and the sake of my kids, I made a plan (took several months). We were not married, THANK GOD, and without his knowledge I bought my own house, and waited for the next big blow up and when he threw his usual abusive fit, I packed up my kids and left him standing in his own driveway. It hurt for awhile to leave what I had called a life for so long, but it's been 3 years now and it's been the BEST 3 years of our lives! Make your plan and make your move. Find a safe place and contact the police if he threatens you. The police will get tired of dealing with him and lock his behind up for bothering you. Trust me, it works. Good luck. You deserve better than to be abused!
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