Monday, August 16, 2010

How do i know if men are attracted to me?

I won't post my pic because people on here never give real opinions on pics.How do i know if men are attracted to me?
If I guy stares at you and comes up and talks to you then they are attracted to you.How do i know if men are attracted to me?
well i can't tell , because you didn't post any picture.鈥?/a>

this website scroll down and find a video
they keep looking at you
if they take the effort to come over there to come over and talk to you. If he continues to look at you.
If he flirts with you and makes sure you are near him. They like to be close when they like you. And make a reference to something sexual (nothing too bad) and see if he blushes. That is a definite way to tell.
If he comes up to you from behind and get's an erection, he likes you, or maybe he's just happy.

Just kidding. :)

Personally whenever I like a girl I start flirting, complimenting and starting to try and get her to smile a lot, cause that's when you can tell a girls likes you back!! When they smile at EVERYTHING you say. Even if it's something stupid or just a comment, smile back, always.
ask them if they buy you a milkshake for a bj
They will want to be with you.
well when they seem to get nervous and shy, they make stupid jokes that wont come out right, they want to be sneak with arms around you, they sometimes just laugh and choke that they are quite towards the end
If you are female, men are attracted to you. It may not be the guy you want to be attracted to you. But believe me, there are some guys that will date anyone (or anything) that will date them.

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