Wednesday, August 11, 2010

How are the traits of manipulative men?How to spot one?

What are their tools? any anecdotal stories you'de like to share?How are the traits of manipulative men?How to spot one?
i made some reading about this and apparently people who are manipulative and in this case manipulative men are just exactly like normal people . there is not way to spot them at first since they are good liars and will act just like u want or like them to act until they are able to gain ur trust . my advice would be to look at the way he treats at his friends and whether or not he has any . i think that people who tend to be manipulative will probably have few friends because after a while they probably lose them because of the same , of course being a loner doesn't necessarily means that u are manipulative , being a loner may mean many things such not being very sociable , being shy or that it is difficult for u to make friends .

in my opinion spotting a manipulative man is hard but after knowing one it is important to understand what its going on . a manipulative man could be one that hits u and then cries and tells u that he will change and then never does , he may tell u that if u leave him he will kill himself and will try to make u feel guilty , there is a lot they can do but they always will try to look like the victims .

i also think that to not fall in hands of this kind of people it is important to surround yourself of people who tell u their opinions even when they do not agree with u , people who are honest and will not be in your side every single time . people who are not afraid of letting u know when they think u made a mistake and will talk with all honesty about it .How are the traits of manipulative men?How to spot one?
just look at me

i am the best or the worst

depending on how you look at it
Just type in manipulative men and you will get your answer... I did!
They tend to be good looking I notice.
He's a charmer every time.
well one way to spot a manipulative man is by feeling scammed when you are around their presence. Or Kevin Federline could be a good basic to how you can tell if a man is manipulating you...
Ohhhhhhh i am qualified to answer this!

Charm is the first sign... he'll be a sweet talker, will say everything you want to hear.

He will have, an ever so slightly narrowing of the eyes as you talk (this is when he's taking in vital info that he may use at a later date)

He will lie (he's good at it too) but he will catch himself out eventually, and even THEN he will create a story to squirm his way out, he will be SO good at lying that he will even convince himself! lol..

Watch out for the mind games... he will silently seek out your weaknesses and use them against you for his own greed.

Good luck, you'll need it!


spotty work history

uncontrolled emotional outbursts

alcohol abuse

not able to relate well to others(blaming)

previous failed intimate relationships

Pattern of abuse and promises to do better
Look up Scott Peterson

Drew Peterson

That should give you a good idea
Did you know some woman are just as bad? The men that are taker, not givers are one of the first clues. If you make more money than your man and he always wants something is the second clue. If he is lazy and doesn't help or do things unless he is told is the third one, if you get there get out.
All manipulative men learned the craft from manipulative mothers.
I'm not going to dwell on this too much as it's a painful subject for me.

But, one way manipulative men work is to not only blame you for everything, but manage to even convince you that you really are to blame. I don't quite know how they do this, even though I've experienced it first-hand more than once. But it is very powerful. Some men use this kind of manipulation when they have abused or assaulted a woman.
Never justify anything. If anyone needs justification then it's already wrong. Remember, today could just as easily be

the last day of the rest of your life. We deserve the gods

each worships.
The same way you would look for manipulative women.
I feel certain you didn't actually mean what you asked here? %26gt; What are their tools? %26lt;

If you Mum (or your Best friend) is not going to tell you, then I certainly am not (where we 'Angels fear to tread', and all that...).

One thing that they do is control every aspect of your life, to an odd degree. They also try to isolate you from your friends and family and you source of outside income - your job. After you are completely without resource, the abuse begins.

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