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How can having a mistress make some men grow closer to their wives?

Just curious as I have been hearing alot from all sides that sometimes having a mistress can make the husband grow closer to his wife and eventually help him in their relationship. I think it sounds crazy but thats what I've been hearing.How can having a mistress make some men grow closer to their wives?
Sometimes having covert competition causes a wife to become more intuitively attracted to her husband, and liven up the marriage.

Typically men tend to have a much stronger bond to their wives than their affair partners. Usually when its a choice between the mistress and the wife, the husband will almost inevitably try and go back to the marriage. This is especially true when children are involved, sometimes its money and property too.

If the wife is forgiving, then the marriage can become stronger, as an affair is usually a signal that something is terribly wrong with the marriage. It isn't always the husband's fault completely. Though having an affair is not the best choice, its usually the last choice.

I will say that many marriages, probably half or better, experience affairs from both husbands and wives and its probably equally divided.How can having a mistress make some men grow closer to their wives?
Total BS. Affairs drive a wedge between spouses. However, it is true that if a marriage can survive an affair, not all, but some marriages, can grow stronger. Usually, affairs start because there is some need not being met, so the cheating spouse looks for it elsewhere instead of commmunicating her/his needs with their spouse. After an affair has been discovered, spouses start communicating more openly because at that point, what more is there to lose by telling the truth? Also, the ';victim'; spouse is more open to listening to his/her spouses needs.

If you are thinking about having an affair with a married man to ';help'; his marriage, don't. Help by staying away from him and telling him he should try communicating with his spouse. Also, you don't want that karma.
to answer the question only without ranting on other stuff

1. she could be the opposite of wife which he then realizes how much wife does for him

2. she's a bum with no job no life

3. she has no plans for life or future

many many reasons why..

i say this because i've seen it happen.. to get personal i shall go into the family..

my dad was not faithful at one point and it tore my mom apart, but after being with this other woman my dad realized what a mistake it was to have taken my mom for granted.. some women have that much patience and yes my mom took my dad back.. but now he loves her more than ever.. she forgave him and he learned to be the man she needed.. they do everything together now, the love they show and the love he shows her we can all see.. i'm not saying that i'm glad it happened that way in order for him to realize how good he had it but i'm glad after all that they're able to love each other again and much more this time around

it's not right and not it doesn't work like that all that time, but it has happened.. there is a thing called second chances.. seems sometimes second chances are the best
Not without crushing her spirit first. I am one of those cheated on wives and it has done terrible things to my self esteem, self worth, and am nearly suicidal. But yes, we are finally communicating and I feel closer to him than ever before. I believe we will have a stronger marriage because of what we have learned through therapy but it came at a very HIGH cost to me. We aren't nearly through this yet though and it will take a long time for me to trust again.
Oh yeah having less time and energy to put into your relationship and possibly getting emotionally attached to someone else can only help your relationship. Not to mention the tension, jealousy and worry over getting caught. If she doesn't know when she finds out the closeness between husband and wife is unlike anything you've ever seen
Lack of sex causes a great deal of frustration. By getting sex somewhere else, the wife is no longer a source of irritation and the man can see past her sexlessness.

If a guy has sex every other day, his whole life is easier... his chi is strong.

On the other hand, if a man is not getting laid, his whole life is askew and he will find a way to right it.
It sounds crazy because it is. I have had mistresses, and it was because I hated my marriage and my (now ex) wife. Happy men trying to have a more loving relationship with their wives don't look for mistresses. That is some lame-@ss excuse that some guy got a woman to believe at one time or another.
That is a cop out for scumbags who cheat on their wives. If women buy this crap it is because they want to buy it. Lack of integrity, failure of honor and debased moral fortitude is what causes men to cheat on their wives in most cases. If you hate her, keep it in your pants and divorce her.
Having a mistress NEVER helps a marriage or makes someone grow closer to their spouse. They are only fooling themselves if they think so.
I cant believe you've heard this from any woman. Of course men would agree. I certainly can't think how a mistress would be a positive factor in a marriage........鈾モ櫏
Highly doubtful.
When the chips are down the mistress put the man out or down when the money run out!
Well if he loved his wife why would he need another woman in the first place? just doesn't make any sense.

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