Wednesday, August 11, 2010

How do the camera men for discovery channel follow 1 animal?

How do the camera guys for the tv serioes Life and planet earth follow 1 animal at a time? On some of the episodes you will see a bird or something fly away or a insect fly away and go somewhere else. How do they follow that particular bird or insect to where it goes so fast? Sometimes it goes away and flys somewhere really far then where it first was when they were filming it. How do they follow it when it flys away so fast?How do the camera men for discovery channel follow 1 animal?
Well in the case of mammals or other larger animals they use several methods. They use what they call spotters whose sole purpose in the production of the program is to keep their eyes and ears peeled for whatever individual animal they're looking for. They also use radio collars to help track them too. They also use what are known as 'critter cams' which are quite simply cameras either affixed to an animal's back with biodegradable glue or built into their existing radio collars so the scientists tracking them can find them when they want. Tree cams are also used. These are cameras that are literally strapped to trees at certain intervals at the right height and the film is collected from them later. In the case of smaller animals like insects. They dont follow the same animal just the same species. They just tell you that so you enjoy the show more and will watch more often thereby increasing their ratings. They'll deny that up down and sideways but it's simply not true. Insects can be followed but it's very difficult. Time consuming and expensive.

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