Wednesday, August 11, 2010

How do transexed people give birth?

Like how men convert to women.Can they also reproduce or is it much more complicated?And vice versa.How do transexed people give birth?
Transexed?? I never heard of thatHow do transexed people give birth?
They cannot.

While most are given assistance, both surgical and hormonal, a transgendered individual cannot impregnate or become pregnant.
No, a transgendered female can not give birth because she has no womb or ovaries. A transsexual male can not produce sperm either. There are 2 cases of transsexual MEN having babies, because they still hand not had their female reproductive organs removed to become fully male.

In one of the cases a transgendered couple had a child. The transgendered female got her husband pregnant. Obviously, neither had gone through the actual surgery yet, but they had already started hormone treatments.

The transgendered female was even able to produce milk and breast feed with a little help from some hormone shots.
A male changed to a woman would have a vagina but not a uterus and ovaries. That would be a very complicated and pretty much impossible surgery. Same with a woman converted to a man, they wouldn't have the ability to produce sperm so they couldn't reproduce. But... if a woman was given a penis or took hormones to enlarge her clit, she could possibly have the ability to get pregnant, as long as she still had her vagina, uterus and ovaries and the ability to release eggs. It may be more difficult or unlikely if they were taking hormones but it's happened. Research pregnant man.
Not possible yet. But a woman changed to a man can still get pregnant though. I just requires a sharp knife.
You said in relation to transsexual women: ';Can they also reproduce';


I have a friend who fully transitioned a couple years ago and she and her partner had a baby a year after her sex reassignment surgery. And yes the child is biologically theirs. My friend stored genetic material before she transitioned just for this purpose.

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