Monday, August 16, 2010

How do you trust men ever again after you've been lied to for 2 years the dumped?

I trusted him with my everything. He told me he would marry me every day. I'm 19 now and he left me 2 months ago, and not a day goes by that I don't think about him. He cheated on me, and left. It kills me, and my neighbor lady her husband just left her and her two boys one's 3 the other is a newborn. So... I just wonder how you can trust someone with your everything, and make sure they won't hurt you. Because I truly believed my ex loved me, and I loved him but I guess... he didn't love me after all. How can I not make this mistake in the future? How will I know who's in it for marriage and a lifetime?How do you trust men ever again after you've been lied to for 2 years the dumped?
Its really hard to know. But certain guidelines will help. When you date someone and are looking for a long term relationship, look for someone who is also similarly minded. Someone who doesnt try to push the sex, even though it is fun. Also look for someone who you can relate to in terms of your experiences. Also date within your age range. I say this because if you date someone whos in a totally different phase of their life, they dont have as much in common and you guys are more likely to get in to arguments out of not understanding each other. If your in school, try to find a guy whos also in school, etc...

In general its easier to judge someone and their thoughts when they have more in common with you than when they are totally different. Im not saying you have to date someone just like you, but try for someone who isnt a total polar opposite.

Dont be discouraged, people can be mean and cruel, but Im sure your ex will get whats coming to him, after all if he left you, how will the new girl be able to trust him? She wont, and Im sure she will leave him and give him the dump that he deserves.

Im sorry for you and you neighbor, maybe you can help each other get through your hard times. I hope good things come of this eventually.How do you trust men ever again after you've been lied to for 2 years the dumped?
remember that men are given 2 brains and only enough blood to run 1 at a time. Women fool around also, don't think that women are perfect. 2 reasons I think people are unfaithful. 1, they sabotage their life, they cant stop messing up a good thing. or 2, they are not getting what they want at home so they look for it elsewhere
That's really terrible.. all you can do is move on. What you SHOULD do is go to the club with your friends, or if you're not a night-out person, you could always just focus on work or something else. Usually love comes when you least expect it (that's what happened to me!!) and those are the best ones. There's literally 3 billion men on the planet, there's bound to be a handful that will treat a woman right.
Well, you start by not stereotyping and generalizing. Not all men are the same. Not all men think the same. The one who cares about you will take it slow, he won't rush into sex, he will marry you before sex and he will make you feel what other men have never made you feel -- loved.
you are not the first woman to completely misread the situation, the signs were all there you either didn't see them or didn't look , not everyone is like that but charm can hide all kinds of devious intentions, don't get taken in by sweet talking
You have to realize that not all guys are the same and I know it will be difficult because you are going to want to compare every guy to the one guy who did you wrong but don't. You have to accept that not all guys are going to love you forever and not all guys are going to commit. And if you accept that and don't expect anything extra from them then you wont be disappointed when they mess up. If it is the right guy he wont want to leave. You just have accepted that your ex wasn't the right guy because if he was he wouldn't have left you. he would have stayed.
There really is no way of knowing ahead of time if they will hurt you. You cannot bring your baggage into every relationship because not trusting someone causes multiple problems. The best thing you can do is treat them the best you can and hope that is good enough for them. If not, they didn't deserve you. I think your ex did love you, but some guys just aren't happy with what they have. Do not have sex right away to be sure they really want to get to know you. And, as hard as it is, you need to forgive your ex so you can open your heart to the next guy.鈥?/a>鈥?/a>
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