Wednesday, August 11, 2010

What do men honestly think of rape?

Do you find it repulsive or hot?

I know this may seem like a trick question, but you would be suprised how many men I've talked to that say it's a total turn on when they're watching a film with a rape scene or something.

I ask because I am doing a project and I want some general background information.

Men only please, unless you ladies happen to know how your man feels I guess.

Thanks for helping guys and be honest please.What do men honestly think of rape?
Rape has its side of ';hot'; but really it's totally wrong and repulsive.What do men honestly think of rape?
Actually it's nt that arousing
Ever wonder why there's simulated rape in porn? It's obviously a common fantasy for men.
I feel it is disgusting and all rapists should be shot on site. But also rape is very hard to prove and then you have women who lie about it as well.

Erm, some dudes, may find watching it sexually arousing, which, quite frankly is disturbing. Rape is typically a blowback by an increasingly media ran society which propogates the notion that only the best looking people can procreate (have sex) which causes unsufferable pain and frustration on those that don't 'make the cut'. In ancient times rape was usually done by soldiers (marching to war to fight another country took years before the invention of vehicles) which ment no sex for years and years, and vagabonds, and corsairs (bad people to begin with)

Dumb, animals commit rape too, not just humans. Do your research.
Those people who say it's a turn-on, they're fvcked up. They need help. Personally, the idea of permanently scarring somebody does not turn me on. Rape is horrifying, I can't understand it.

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